GREPLAY Procedure

Restriction: Not supported by Java or ActiveX
Requirement: Use the NOFS option in the PROC GREPLAY statement when running in a non-windowing environment, batch mode, or in line mode in a windowing environment. At least one statement is required.
Supports: RUN-group processing
Note: Write access to a catalog is needed to modify, add, or delete catalog entries. Only GRSEG entry types can be replayed with the GREPLAY procedure.
Tip: When using procedures that support RUN-group processing, include a QUIT statement after the last RUN statement. Using the QUIT statement is especially important when the procedure is supposed to completely terminate within the boundaries of an ODS destination (for example, ODS PDF; procedure-code; ODS PDF CLOSE;). See RUN-Group Processing for more information.


? required-argument;
CC color-map-catalog;
CCOPY <color-map-catalog.>color-map-entry<.CMAP>;
CDEF color-map-entry
CDELETE color-map-entry(s) | _ALL_ ;
CMAP color-map-entry;
COPY entry-id(s) | _ALL_ ;
DELETE entry-id(s) | _ALL_ ;
DEVICE device-name;
GOUT <libref.>output-catalog;
GROUP entry-id(s);
IGOUT <libref.>input-catalog ;
LIST required-argument;
MODIFY modify-pair(s);
MOVE entry-id-1 AFTER | BEFORE entry-id-2;
PREVIEW template-entry(s) | _ALL_ ;
REPLAY entry-id(s) | _FIRST_ | _LAST_ | _ALL_ ;
TC template-catalog;
TCOPY <template-catalog.>template-entry<.TEMPLATE>;
TDEF template-entry
< panel definition(s)>
TDELETE template-entry(s) | _ALL_ ;
TEMPLATE template-entry;
TREPLAY select-pair(s);