GREPLAY Procedure

CCOPY Statement

Copies a color map from one color map catalog to another color map catalog. Creates a duplicate color map within the color map catalog.
Requirement: Assign a color map catalog before using the CCOPY statement.


CCOPY <libref.><colormap-catalog.>color-map-entry.<.CMAP>;

Required Argument

identifies the color map entry to be copied.
color map catalog
is the color map catalog that contains the color map to be copied.
color map entry
is the name of the color map entry.
is the color map entry type.
Note:If a color map entry with the same name exists in the color map catalog, duplicate entry names are resolved as described in Duplicate Entry Names.


To copy a color map from one catalog to another catalog, use the CC statement to identify the target catalog. The following statements copy HP.CMAP from the catalog named ONE.CCAT to the catalog named TARGET.CLRMAP:
LIBNAME target "SAS library";
LIBNAME one "SAS library";

proc greplay nofs;
   cc target.clrmap;
   ccopy one.ccat.hp.cmap;
To create a duplicate color map, omit the name of the color map catalog from your CCOPY statement. The following statement creates a duplicate of hp.cmap named hp2.cmap:
ccopy hp.cmap;