GREPLAY Procedure

Overview: GREPLAY Procedure

The GREPLAY procedure displays and manages graphics output that is stored in SAS catalogs. The GREPLAY procedure also creates templates and color maps that you can use when you replay your graphics output. The GREPLAY procedure operates in line mode, batch mode, and in the SAS windowing environments.
With the GREPLAY procedure, you can perform any of the following actions:
  • Layout multiple graphs on one page; this output can be used to create dashboards.
  • Select one or more catalog entries from the same catalog for replay, and direct this output to your display or other devices such as plotters and printers.
  • Use, create, or modify templates. Use templates to describe positioning on a single display, for graphics output stored in one or more graph catalog entries.
  • Create new graphics output by replaying one or more catalog entries into panels within a template.
  • Use, create, or modify color maps. Use color maps to map current colors to different colors.
  • List templates in SASHELP.TEMPLT.
  • Manage GRSEG, TEMPLATE, and CMAP entries in SAS catalogs by doing the following:
    • Rearranging or creating logical groupings of catalog entries that contain graphics output.
    • Renaming, deleting, or copying catalog entries that contain graphics output, templates, and color maps.
Graphics Output in a Template shows four catalog entries that were replayed into a template and displayed as a single graph.
Graphics Output in a Template
Graphics Output in a Template