GREPLAY Procedure

Using the GREPLAY Procedure to Create Custom Templates

You can use the GREPLAY procedure to create custom templates. Custom templates are typically used to perform the following actions:
  • control the layout of multiple graphs on one page, which is useful for dashboards
  • replay graphics output from several catalog entries, or from the same catalog, on one display or page
  • change the shape of your graphics output
  • change the size of your graphics output
To define and view a custom template:
  1. Start the GREPLAY procedure with the NOFS option.
  2. Assign a template catalog with the TC= option.
  3. Define a template with the TDEF statement.
  4. Preview the template with the PREVIEW statement.
  5. End the GREPLAY procedure with the QUIT statement.
Before you create a template, you must assign a template catalog. If you are using the GREPLAY procedure in line mode, use the TDEF statement to define a template and the PREVIEW statement to preview a template. For example, the following statements define and preview a template named TEMPLT:
proc greplay nofs;
   tdef templt 1/def;
   preview templt;