GREPLAY Procedure

Sizing and Naming Your Graphs for Replay (Best Practice)

To replay your graphics output using the GREPLAY procedure, it is recommended that you do the following:
  • Select or create a template to replay your graphs. Determine the size of each panel contained in the template. Define the size of each graph to correspond to the size of a panel contained in the template. Size each graph with GOPTIONS such as the XPIXELS= and YPIXELS= options or the HSIZE= and VSIZE= options. If the graphs that you are replaying are too large for the panels in the template, SAS/GRAPH attempts to resize the images.
  • Ensure that the GRSEG entry names that you want to replay match the names in your GREPLAY procedure statements. If you run a procedure multiple times without updating your GREPLAY statements, the original output is replayed, not the most current output. See Duplicate Entry Names and Replaying Graphs into a Template.