GREPLAY Procedure

Using the GREPLAY Procedure to Create Color Maps

Color maps are useful for assigning unavailable colors on your current device to your graph. A color map is a list of up to 256 pairs of colors. By mapping the original colors to a different list of colors, you can change the colors in your graphics output.
To create a color map named CLRMAP, perform the following actions:
  1. Start the GREPLAY procedure with the NOFS option.
  2. Assign a color map catalog with the CC= option.
  3. Define the output catalog with the GOUT= option.
  4. Define a color map with the CDEF statement.
  5. Remap your colors.
  6. End the GREPLAY procedure with the QUIT statement.
Before you create a color map, you must assign a color map catalog. The following example defines a color map named CLRMAP:
proc greplay cc=clrmap gout=work nofs;
   cdef clrmap 1 / cyan : blue;
When you assign a color map and replay graphics output the following occurs:
  • The stored GRSEG entry or entries, retain the original foreground colors.
  • The colors used to replay the graphics are not saved with the original graphics output.
  • Graphics output is not created when you replay graphics output using a color map.