GREPLAY Procedure

Using the GREPLAY Procedure to Replay Catalog Entries

To select catalog entries for replay, first assign an input catalog that contains the graphics output that is to be replayed. Then assign the entry with the REPLAY statement. To select a catalog entry or entries for replay:
  1. Start the GREPLAY procedure.
  2. Define the input catalog that contains the graphics to be replayed with the IGOUT= option.
  3. Specify the entry or entries that you want to replay (GCHART in the example that follows) with the REPLAY statement.
  4. End the GREPLAY procedure with the QUIT statement.
For example, the following statements replay the GRSEG entry named GCHART from the catalog WORK.GSEG, which is assigned with the IGOUT= option:
proc greplay igout=work.gseg nofs;
   replay gchart;
To replay all the graphics output stored in the WORK.GSEG catalog submit this code:
proc greplay nofs;
   igout work.gseg;
   replay _all_ ;
Note: Graphics output is created only when you use the GREPLAY procedure with a template.