GREPLAY Procedure

REPLAY Statement

Identifies one or more entries for replay from the input catalog.
Alias: PLAY
Notes: If any entry specified in a REPLAY statement is not found in the input catalog, the GREPLAY procedure issues a message to the SAS log. The GREPLAY procedure continues to replay valid entries.

When you replay your graphs, use the same device that you used when you generated the original graphs. If you use a different device, your replayed graphs might be distorted.

For a graph with a border, or a graph that includes titles and footnotes, if the border, titles, and footnotes are rendered outside of the GRSEG, they are not included in the replayed graph. See Considerations for Replaying a Graph.


REPLAY entry-id(s) | _FIRST_ | _LAST_ | _ALL_ ;

Required Arguments

is the number (in the order in which they were created) or name of a catalog entry or a group of entries in the input catalog. Entries must contain graphics output. Multiple entries can contain both numbers and names. This statement specifies both the entry named GRAPH, and the third entry in the catalog: replay graph 3;
replays all entries in the input catalog.
replays the first entry in the input catalog.
replays the last entry in the input catalog.