GREPLAY Procedure

TCOPY Statement

Copies templates from a catalog to the template catalog, or creates a duplicate of a template within the template catalog.
Requirement: Assign a template catalog before using the TCOPY statement.
See: TC Statement.


TCOPY <template-catalog.>template-entry<.TEMPLATE>;

Required Argument

identifies the template entry to be copied.
is the SAS catalog that contains the template to be copied.
is the template entry name.
is the catalog entry type. Duplicate entry names are resolved as described in Duplicate Entry Names.


To copy a template from one catalog to another catalog, specify template-catalog as the source catalog. To copy NEWTEMP.TEMPLATE from the catalog named ONE.TEMPLT to the catalog named TARGET.TEMPLT submit the following statements:
LIBNAME target "SAS-data-library";
LIBNAME one "SAS-data-library";

proc greplay nofs;
   tc target.templt;
   tcopy one.templt.newtemp.template;
To create a duplicate of a template, simply omit template-catalog from your TCOPY statement. For example, to create a duplicate of a template named NEWTEMP within the TEMPLAT catalog, submit the following:
tcopy newtemp.template;