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SAS has long developed software for data analysis, econometrics, operations research, and quality improvement. The purpose of these pages is to provide our users with technical information about using this software, including details about software capabilities, examples, papers, e-newsletter, and communities.

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Regression Model Building for Large, Complex Data with SAS Viya Procedures

Learn about SAS Viya procedures for building linear and logistic regression models, generalized linear models, quantile regression models, generalized additive models, and proportional hazards regression models. This paper explains how these procedures capitalize on the in-memory environment of SAS Viya, and it compares their syntax, features, and output with those of high-performance regression modeling procedures in SAS/STAT software.

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blog Graphically Speaking

Distinguished Research Statistician Developer Warren Kuhfeld takes on LOESS and penalized splines in a couple of blog posts this year. In addition, you can learn about using DRAW statements and then find out even more about DRAW statements for those of you looking to expand your ODS Graphics GTL knowledge.

Technical Support Tip Estimating the Difference in Differences of Means

A popular request lately has been for the difference in differences of means. This note discusses how to generate these measures for ordinary regression models as well as generalized linear models, for which the NLEstimate macro may be useful.

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JSM 2018 JSM 2018

The following courses and tutorials are being taught at JSM this summer by SAS statistical developers:

Advanced Methods for Survival Analysis Using SAS

Generalized Additive Modeling Using SAS

Propensity Score Analysis and Causal Effect Estimation Using SAS

Survey Data Imputation and Analysis Using SAS

Practical Hierarchical Bayesian Modeling