SAS/INSIGHT User's Guide

P A R T 1   Introduction
Getting Started
P A R T 2   Techniques
Entering Data
Examining Data
Exploring Data in One Dimension
Exploring Data in Two Dimensions
Exploring Data in Three Dimensions
Adjusting Axes and Ticks
Labeling Observations
Hiding Observations
Marking Observations
Coloring Observations
Examining Distributions
Fitting Curves
Multiple Regression
Analysis of Variance
Logistic Regression
Poisson Regression
Examining Correlations
Calculating Principal Components
Transforming Variables
Comparing Analyses
Analyzing by Groups
Animating Graphs
Formatting Variables and Values
Editing Windows
Saving and Printing Data
Saving and Printing Graphics
Saving and Printing Tables
Configuring SAS/INSIGHT Software
Working with Other SAS Products
P A R T 3   Reference
Data Windows
Histograms and Bar Charts
Box Plots and Mosaic Plots
Line Plots
Scatter Plots
Contour Plot
Rotating Plot
Distribution Analyses
Fit Analyses
Multivariate Analyses
SAS/INSIGHT Statements