SAS® Visual Analytics

Visualize and discover relevant relationships in your data. Create and share interactive reports and dashboards, and use self-service analytics to quickly assess probable outcomes for smarter, more data-driven decisions.

SAS® Visual Statistics helps you get predicted values from the predictive models. It requires SAS Visual Analytics.

The reports created using SAS Visual Analytics can be shared on tablets and phones using SAS® Visual Analytics App, or they can be shared in Microsoft Office applications using SAS® Office Analytics components. You can also create your own customized mobile app to display SAS Visual Analytics content using the SAS® SDK.

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Previous Versions

7.4 (SAS 9.4)

Administration and Deployment

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Hot Fixes

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Hot fixes for SAS Visual Analytics on SAS Viya are available by downloading updates for the applicable SAS Viya release from the SAS Viya Hot Fix Availability page. For example, if you have release 8.3, then install the applicable update for SAS Viya 3.4.

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