SAS Global Forum Proceedings / SUGI 26 2001

Paper 001-26: Sunil K. Gupta
    Using Styles and Templates to Customize SAS ODS Output

Paper 002-26: Sandy McNeill
    Changes & Enhancements for ODS by Example (through V8.2)

Paper 003-26: Lauren E. Haworth

Paper 005-26: Roderick A. Rose
    The Basics of Dynamic SAS/IntrNet Applications

Paper 006-26: Dana Rafiee and Stan Andermann
    An Introduction to MDDBs and Publishing Them on the Web

Paper 007-26: Joseph L. McCormick
    Presentation Graphics Using the ANNOTATE Facility

Paper 008-26: Paul M. Dorfman
    Table Look-Up by Direct Addressing: Key-Indexing — Bitmapping — Hashing

Paper 009-26: Randall Cates
    MISSOVER, TRUNCOVER, and PAD, OH MY!! Or Making Sense of the INFILE and INPUT Statements

Paper 010-26: Frederick E. Pratter
    Database Access Using the SAS System

Paper 011-26: Koen Vyverman
    Using Dynamic Data Exchange to Export Your SAS Data to MS Excel — Against All ODS, Part I

Paper 012-26: David Shamlin
     Migrating your SAS ODBC Application to ADO

Paper 013-26: Terry Woodfield
     Predictive Modeling in the Insurance Industry Using SAS

Paper 014-26: Marge Scerbo and Craig Dickstein
     The Metamorphosis of a Study Design

Paper 015-26: Malachy J. Foley
     Preemptive DATA CLEANING: Techniques

Paper 016-26: Frank C. DiIorio
     Writing the 'Best' Program: The How and When of Efficient Programming

Paper 017-26: Michael L. Davis
     You Could Look It Up: An Introduction to SASHELP Dictionary Views

Paper 018-26: Peter J. Lund
     More Than Just VALUE: A Look into the Depths of PROC FORMAT

Paper 019-26: Steven J. First
     Advanced Macro Topics

Paper 020-26: Philip A. Mason
     SAS Tips I Learnt Whilst at Oxford

Paper 021-26: Carl LaChapelle
     AppDev Studio Release 2.0

Paper 022-26: Jack E. Fuller
     A Pattern for Dynamic Web Content: SAS Server Pages

Paper 023-26: Markku V. Suni
     How to Build Human-like, Fuzzy Applications with SAS/AF

Paper 024-26: Scott E. Chapal and Myla M. Goodliffe
     Using WebAF for Data Entry and Editing in an Integrated Conservation Monitoring Data Management System

Paper 025-26: Chris D. St. Peter
     Storing and Resolving Dynamic Formulas

Paper 026-26: Carol A. Martell
     Walk Our Children to School: An Internet Data Management Application

Paper 028-26: Andrew S. Rosenbaum
     Error Trapping Techniques for SCL

Paper 029-26: Russell E. Denslow and Yan Li
     Using DDE with Microsoft Excel and SAS to Collect Data from Hundreds of Users

Paper 030-26: Philip Mason
     Using SAS Graphs for Drill Down in Frames

Paper 031-26: Richard A. DeVenezia
     SAS/AF Composite Class: A Detailed Example

Paper 032-26: Iza Peszek
     JavaScript Tutorial by Example

Paper 033-26: Sharon Muha, Liz Malcom, and Lee Mulleady
     V6 to V8 Applications: To Web or Not To Web?

Paper 034-26: Lawrence W. Altmayer
     CONNECTing with SAS Version 8: Virtually Transparent to the User

Paper 035-26: Wen Lin
     Improving Productivity with MP CONNECT

Paper 036-26: Ray Pass
     I'll Have the TABULATEs a la ODS Please, With a Table of Contents On the Side

Paper 037-26: Greg Henderson
     OLAP Best Practices — What You Need to Consider When Building and Deploying an OLAP Application

Paper 038-26: Michael W. Deines
     Using ORACLE XSQL Servlet to Access a SAS Database: Simplifying the XML Development Process

Paper 039-26: Michael C. Palmer and Cecilia A. Hale
     A Case Study in the Use of XML to Integrate SAS with Third-Party Applications

Paper 040-26: Frank Poppe
     Managing the Development of SAS Applications with SAS

Paper 041-26: Bernd E. Imken
     A SAS Based Correspondence Management System

Paper 042-26: Steven Light, Paul Gilbert, and Guy Genereux
     A Novel Approach to Developing a Patient Profile Reporting Application

Paper 043-26: Ian Sutton
     Successful Web Enablement of a SAS Product

Paper 044-26: Vincent DelGobbo and John Leveille
     Point and Click Web Pages with Design-Time Controls and SAS/IntrNet

Paper 045-26: Bernard R. Poisson
     Dynamic Applications to Satisfy an Ever Changing World

Paper 046-26: Reshma Kakkar and Raymond L. Ransom
     STDINFO: From SAS/AF to SAS/IntrNet

Paper 047-26: Amy Swinford
     One Engine, Three Apps — Rapid Application Development By Not Writing Code

Paper 048-26: Jeff LeSueur and Dana Rafiee
     The Phoenix: Creating Applications which Outlive Current Users

Paper 049-26: David H. Johnson
     Develop in GUI, Run with Grunt

Paper 051-26: Andrew T. Kuligowski
     Stalking the Sequential File — A Guide to the INFILE and INPUT Statements

Paper 052-26: Marge Scerbo
     Array Tutorial (2) $ Beginning Intermediate;

Paper 054-26: Frank C. DiIorio
     The SAS Debugging Primer

Paper 055-26: Ronald P. Cody
     Data Cleaning 101

Paper 056-26: Caroline C. Bahler
     Data Cleaning and Base SAS Functions

Paper 057-26: Terry Fain and Cyndie Gareleck
     Mouse-Clicking Your Way to Viewing and Manipulating Data with Version 8 SAS

Paper 058-26: Kirk P. Lafler
     Output Delivery Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Using SAS Output Delivery System (ODS)

Paper 059-26: Susan J. Slaughter and Lora D. Delwiche
     ODS for Reporting with Style

Paper 060-26: Ian Whitlock
     PROC SQL — Is It a Required Tool of Good SAS Programming?

Paper 061-26:Craig Dickstein and Ray Pass
     DATA Step vs. PROC SQL: What's a Neophyte to Do?

Paper 062-26:Jack N. Shoemaker
     Eight PROC FORMAT Gems

Paper 063-26:Lauren E. Haworth
     Anyone Can Learn PROC TABULATE

Paper 064-26:Andrew H. Karp
     The Essential Meaning of PROC MEANS: A Beginner's Guide to Summarizing Data in SAS

Paper 065-26:Dana Rafiee and Stan Andermann
     Simple Ways to Publish Reports and Graphs on the Web

Paper 066-26:Ronald Fehd
     A Beginner's Tour of a Project Using SAS Macros Led by SAS-L's Macro Maven

Paper 068-26:Michael A. Mace
     Let's Go to School and Discover the OOH in SCL

Paper 069-26:Mic Lajiness
     A Practical Introduction to the Power of Enterprise Miner

Paper 070-26:Nadia Redmond
     Data Visualization of Outliers from a Health Research Perspective Using SAS/GRAPH and the Annotate Facility

Paper 071-26:Sherry Q. Zhang
     Data Analysing in SAS, Graphs Guilding in SigmaPlot, Outputs in PowerPoint

Paper 072-26:Dean D. Clous
     Reduction of Symbols in Plots and Generation of Accompanying Legend Using Annotate

Paper 073-26:Haiping Luo
     That Mysterious Colon (:)

Paper 074-26:Justina M. Flavin and Arthur L. Carpenter
     Taking Control and Keeping It: Creating and Using Conditionally Executable SAS Code

Paper 075-26:Steve James
     Web-Application Bar Charts without SAS/GRAPH

Paper 076-26:Steve James
     Add a Common Look and Feel to Web Applications Easily

Paper 077-26:Steven H. Feder
     ODS and Browser Interaction Solutions

Paper 078-26:Roy I. Fleischer
     SAS and Electronic Mail: Send E-mail Faster, and DEFINITELY More Efficiently

Paper 079-26:Kirk P. Lafler
     Using SAS Explorer to View File Properties and Catalog Contents

Paper 080-26:Keiko I. Powers
     Efficient Statistical Programming? — Let SAS Do the Work

Paper 081-26:Haiping Luo and Philip E. Friend
     Automating the Process of Listing the Most Frequent Values of Thousands of Variables in Large Data Sets

Paper 082-26:Sylvia C. Tze
     Summarizing Data with an Inconsistent Text Key? Here's How!

Paper 083-26:Sylvia C. Tze
     Summarizing to the One-Record-per-Person using PROC SUMMARY: When to Use CLASS and When to Use BY

Paper 084-26:Yefim Gershteyn
     SAS Programming Solutions for Summarizing Character Variables

Paper 085-26:Michelle L. Pritchard
     SAS Formats: Making the Best of a Bad Situation

Paper 086-26:Myra A. Oltsik
     You Can Look It Up: A Robust Macro Using PROC FORMAT with CNTLIN

Paper 087-26:Erik S. Larsen
     A Macro to Center Text in a DATA _NULL_ Step

Paper 088-26:Lynn G. Palmer
     Use Call Symput and %SYSFUNC for More Informative Titles and Footnotes

Paper 089-26:Lisa M. Schneider
     Format Challenges with PROC REPORT

Paper 090-26:Mike D. Tangedal
     The Ultimate SAS Macro (Make SAS Do All the Work!)

Paper 091-26:Pete Lund
     Make Your Life a Little Easier: A Collection of SAS Macro Utilities

Paper 092-26:Pamela L. Reading
     Using SAS to Write SAS — Automate Your Programming Tasks

Paper 093-26:Edward J. Moore
     Performing Multiple Statements for Each Record in a SAS Data Set

Paper 094-26:Hong Chen
     %ToC: A Macro for Generating Table of Contents from SAS Output

Paper 095-26:Jack Hamilton
     How Many Observations Are In My Data Set?

Paper 096-26:Paul M. Dorfman
     Quick Sorting an Array

Paper 097-26:Aileen D. Bennett
     Side By Side: Comparing Two Data Sets Using SAS Macros

Paper 098-26:Michael L. White
     A SAS Macro to Isolate All Date Values from a Data Library into a SAS Dataset

Paper 099-26:Michae J. Yee
     Quick and Dirty Data Laundering: A Scalable Solution for Range Checking Data

Paper 100-26:Robert O. Bernstein
     Macros for Euclidean Distances

Paper 101-26:William E. Benjamin Jr.
     Merging Disk Datasets to Large Unsorted Tape Datasets without a Sort Step, Using Indexed SAS Files

Paper 102-26:William E. Benjamin Jr.
     Merging Small Datasets to Large Unsorted Tape Datasets without a Sort Step, Using SAS Formats

Paper 103-26:Kristie L. Schuster and Lori L. Sipe
     50 Ways to Merge Your Data — Installment 1 ...

Paper 104-26:Gajanan Bhat and Raj Suligavi
     Merging Tables in DATA Step vs. PROC SQL: Convenience and Efficiency Issues

Paper 105-26:Clayton Wells
     Tips for Using PROC SQL to Extract Information from Medical Claims Data Sets

Paper 106-26:Mary MacDougall
     Comparing Pairs: The Array's the Thing

Paper 108-26:Paul D. Sherman
     Intelligent SAS Log Manager

Paper 109-26:Amy Swinford
     Advanced SAS String Functions and a Little Recursion Protect Against Run-Time Errors

Paper 110-26:Fred Levine
     Using the SAS/ACCESS Libname Technology to Get Improvements in Performance and Optimizations in SAS/SQL Queries

Paper 111-26:Ellen Joyner
     E-Volution of the Customer: Increasing Customer Loyalty Through An Intelligent Campaign Solution

Paper 112-26: Stephen K. Doig and Richard O'Reilly
     Pulitzer Programming: How Investigative Reporters are Using SAS

Paper 113-26: Phil Rhodes and Sue Herring
     Data Warehousing at Baylor University: The Second Year

Paper 114-26: Mary K. Tucker
     Everything I Need to Know About Data Warehousing I Learned From A U.S. Army Survival Guide

Paper 115-26: Xiao Ji, Shichun Zhou, Jay Cao, and Jianli Shao
     Data Warehousing Helps Enterprise Improve Quality Management

Paper 116-26: Eugene A. Grishenkoff
     Informational System for Planning and Consolidation

Paper 117-26: Bob Brauer
     Spinning Straw into Gold: Data Quality Tools and Techniques to Get the Most From Your Customer Warehouse

Paper 118-26: Markku V. Suni
     Catch the Errors Early — On Generating Checking Routines Automatically

Paper 119-26: Eric T. Sun and Eric Kammer
     When PROC ACCESS Says NO to Excel 97/2000, DDE Says YES Still

Paper 120-26: Peter H. Coulson
     Integrating SAS and OMR Data Scanning Technology to Improve Efficiency with Database Management

Paper 121-26: David L. Cassell
     A Sort of a Mess — Sorting Large Datasets on Multiple Keys

Paper 122-26: Mary K. Tucker
     A Case Study in Data Warehousing and Data Mining Using the SAS System

Paper 123-26: Bart Heinsius
     Querying Star and Snowflake Schemas in SAS

Paper 124-26: Mark Moorman
     Building an Integrated Informational Backplane

Paper 125-26: John E. Bentley
     Metadata: Everyone Talks About It, But What Is It?

Paper 126-26: Dianne L. Rhodes
     Migrate to Oracle? I Need My SAS!!

Paper 127-26: Garth W. Helf
     Joining SAS and DBMS Tables Efficiently

Paper 128-26: Paul M. Dorfman
     Quick Disk Table Look-up via Hybrid Indexing into a Directly Addressed SAS Data Set

Paper 129-26: Sunil K. Gupta
     Preparing the SAS Software Programming Environment for Regulatory Submission

Paper 130-26: Charles Q. Rissmiller and Art Rerecich
     The Project Management Warehouse

Paper 131-26: Gajanan Bhat
     Data Modeling in Clinical Data Analysis Projects

Paper 132-26: Nancy Brucken
     Digging for Gold: SAS Tools for Extracting Clinical Study Information from Oracle Clinical

Paper 133-26: K. Mistry and John Finianos
     Versioning an Existing Data Warehouse Jugdish

Paper 134-26: John M. LaBore and Thomas H. Burger
     Integrating SAS in Corporate IT

Paper 135-26: Anthony M. Dymond
     Telling Aardvarks from Zebras with an Expert System Written in SAS

Paper 136-26: Sally S. Muller, Dean Duncan, Frank C. Lieble, and Carol A. Martell
     WebHound: Your Best Friend for Tracking Web Traffic

Paper 137-26: Diane Olson and Robert Ray
     Version 9: Scaling the Future

Paper 139-26: Gregory S. Barnes Nelson
     Avoiding E-Overload: Personalizing Web Content through Security, E-Intelligence and Data Mining

Paper 140-26: S. David Riba
     WAP-Enabled SAS Apps

Paper 141-26: Deborah A. Testa and Russell R. Holmes
     Wireless SAS Applications for Tracking Clinical Research

Paper 143-26: Jay L. Stevens and Brian Santucci
     Integrating SAS with an Open World: Java, JSP, LDAP, and Oracle

Paper 144-26: Jack Hamilton
     Getting Data from SAS to Your Palm

Paper 145-26: Carol Rigsbee
     Delivering Information to the People Who Need to Know

Paper 146-26: Sy J. Truong
     Communicating Data Effectively with D-Data and D-Notes

Paper 148-26: Dan Bruns
     The Power and Simplicity of the TABULATE Procedure

Paper 149-26: Ray Pass and Daphne E. Ewing
     So You're Still Not Using PROC REPORT. Why Not?

Paper 150-26: David Beam
     An Introduction to PROC SQL

Paper 153-26: Steven First
     An Introduction to SAS Macros

Paper 154-26: Steven A. Wilson
     Getting Started with SAS/AF Software

Paper 155-26: Stan Andermann and Dana Rafiee
     Who Needs to Know Program Syntax When You've Learned Enterprise Guide

Paper 156-26: Lara K. Bryant, Ray Pass, and Sally Muller
     ODS, YES! Odious, NO! — An Introduction to the SAS Output Delivery System

Paper 157-26: Kirk P. Lafler
     Output Delivery Goes Web

Paper 158-26: Arthur L. Carpenter
     Table Lookups: From IF-THEN to Key-Indexing

Paper 159-26: Andrew T. Kuligowski
     Introducing External Data to the SAS System — The Interactive Session

Paper 160-26: Curtis A. Smith
     Using Graph-N-Go with ODS to Easily Present Your Data and Web-Enable Your Graphs

Paper 161-26: Himesh Patel
     New Visualization in V8.2

Paper 162-26: LeRoy Bessler
     The Power to Show: Using Information and Image to Reveal and Persuade

Paper 163-26: Bob J. Hull
     Now There Is an Easy Way to Get to Word, Just Use PROC TEMPLATE, PROC REPORT, and ODS RTF

Paper 164-26: Jaclyn M. Whitehorn
     Avoiding a (Graphic) Identity Crisis with ODS HTML Styles

Paper 165-26: Jeffery D. Gilbert
     Creating Maps in SAS/GRAPH

Paper 166-26: Carol A. Martell
     A Dynamic Imagemap Generator

Paper 167-26: Richard F. Synowiec
     Data Visualization of Phase 1 Clinical Studies — by "Big Al's Worlds"

Paper 168-26: David H. Johnson
     "Just the Facts Ma'am" Meets "Is It Safe?"

Paper 169-26: Dave DesJardins
     Outliers, Inliers, and Just Plain Liars — New Graphical EDA+ Techniques For Understanding Data

Paper 170-26: Mang-King W. Cheung
     How to Visualize the Dance of the Money Bees Using Animating Graphs in SAS/INSIGHT

Paper 172-26: Frank Wimmer and Ken Ellis
     Visual Styles for V9 SAS Output

Paper 173-26: Michael Friendly
     A Reader's Guide to Visualizing Categorical Data

Paper 174-26: Tom Miron
     Three for the Show — Three Objects for Presenting Categorized Data

Paper 175-26: Chuanchieh Hsu, James M. Hardin, and Zhongwei Zhou
     A SAS Macro Program for Star-Plots

Paper 176-26: George R. Barnes and Patricia B. Cerrito
     The Visualization of Continuous Data Using PROC KDE and PROC CAPABILITY

Paper 177-26: Frank Wimmer and Amy Glass
     The New User Interface of V9 Graphing Tools

Paper 178-26: Pat Herbert
     Delivering Information Everywhere Using JSP and SAS

Paper 179-26: Andreas Saflund and Pontus Berg
     The Data Warehouse in Your Mobile Phone by Using WAP and SAS/IntrNet

Paper 180-26: Benjamin S. Zenick
     Know and Respond to Your Web Customers

Paper 181-26: Tammy Gagliano
     Delivering OLAP Solutions to the Web

Paper 182-26: Gregory S. Barnes Nelson
     Collaborative Commerce: Portals for Decision Support and Knowledge Management

Paper 183-26: Dana Rafiee
     Dynamic Web-Based Applications Using SAS/IntrNet Software

Paper 184-26: Colin J. Harris
     Dynamic Ad-Hoc Reporting via the Web: Real-World Comparison of MDDB Report Viewer and AppDev Studio

Paper 185-26: Lauren E. Haworth
     HTML for the SAS Programmer

Paper 187-26: Jennifer R. Sinodis
     How to Create Dynamic HTML and JavaScript Using Your Data

Paper 188-26: David L. Cassell
     A Perl Primer for SAS Programmers

Paper 189-26: Don Hatcher
     SAS Information Delivery Portal — Delivering Information to the Masses!

Paper 190-26: Jason T. Gordon, Michael L. Davis, and George P. Sharrard
     Adventures in Building Web Applications: A Tutorial on Techniques for Real-World Applications

Paper 192-26: LeRoy Bessler
     At Home and Abroad with PROC GMAP: A Global Atlas of InfoGeographic Design For Effective Visual Communication

Paper 193-26: Amy M. Carey
     Farewell to Documentation Despair! The Development of a Documentation System Using PROC FSEDIT and PROC FSBROWSE

Paper 194-26:Philip E. Crewson
     A Correction for Unbalanced Kappa Tables

Paper 195-26:Wendy B. Dickinson
     Escaping Flatland: Chernoff's Faces Revisited

Paper 196-26:Erik H. Dilts
     Fast and Effective Text Standardization (Coding) Without the Latest Stuff

Paper 197-26:Fang Dong
     Converting CPWorld Application to SAS V8: A Discussion of Issues and Hurdles Encountered

Paper 198-26:Lynette K. Duncan and James E. Dunn
     Partitioned Mahalanobis D^2 to Improve GIS Classification

Paper 199-26:Joseph E. Earley and James D. Ryan
     The Spectrum of Broadway: A SAS PROC SPECTRA Inquiry

Paper 200-26:John R. Gerlach and Cindy Garra
     A Meta-Data Approach to Problem Solving

Paper 202-26:Kristine Y. Hogarty and Jeffrey D. Kromrey
     Probabilistic Hindsight: A SAS Macro for Retrospective Statistical Power Analysis

Paper 203-26:Anne Horney and Gail F. Kirk
     Creating a Consolidated Report from Several SAS Outputs Using DATA _NULL_ and PUT Statements

Paper 205-26:Paul Johnson and Ling Huang
     Statistical Quality Control and a Capability Analysis

Paper 206-26:Jeff LeSueur and Dana Rafiee
     Web Based DSS II: Improving Web Information Organization and Presentation With SAS Version 8

Paper 207-26:Tracy L. Lord and Charles E. Keeler
     Analyzing Network Management Data with the SAS System

Paper 208-26:Zaizai Lu and David Shen
     A Macro Program for ANOVA or ANCOVA, Using PROC GLM or PROC MIXED

Paper 209-26:Michael A. Mace
     SAS Stew Keeps Facilities Running

Paper 210-26:Andy Mauromoustakos and Kevin Thompson
     JMP and JSL Used to Create a Visual Application

Paper 211-26:William C. Murphy
     Mixing It Up with the SAS System

Paper 212-26:Rob Nelson, Janet Royalty, and Ernie Lewis
     Using SAS/AF to Create a SAS Program File Explorer

Paper 213-26:Barbara B. Okerson
     Using SAS/GRAPH to Analyze the Effectiveness of Tennessee's Alcohol and Drug Prevention Program Among Hispanic Youth

Paper 214-26:Lori S. Parsons
     Reducing Bias in a Propensity Score Matched-Pair Sample Using Greedy Matching Techniques

Paper 215-26:Jon A. Patrick
     A SAS V8 Web Application Utilizing ODS, FTP Files from MVS, and SAS PROC GREPLAY in Batch Mode

Paper 216-26:Francesca Pierri
     Your Graphs on the Web with SAS/GRAPH Version 8

Paper 217-26:Quan Ren
     Clinical Trial System — A Front End SAS/AF Application

Paper 218-26:Claude Rheaume and Gilles Turgeon
     How to Publish Your Old Reports on the Web without SAS Web Facilities

Paper 219-26:Christopher J. Rook and Shi-Tao Yeh
     SAS Macros as File Management Utility Programs

Paper 220-26:Gary E. Schlegelmilch
     Structuring Base SAS for Easy Maintenance

Paper 221-26:Barbara Schneider
     How the SAS System Can Be Used for Teaching Statistics

Paper 222-26:Ernest S. Shtatland, Mary B. Barton, and Emily Cain
     The Perils of Stepwise Logistic Regression and How to Escape Them Using Information Criteria and the Output Delivery System

Paper 223-26:Curtis A. Smith
     Gaining Insight Using Visualization Techniques

Paper 224-26:Lev Sverdlov
     The FASTCLUS Procedure as an Effective Way to Analyze Clinical Data

Paper 225-26:Mike D. Tangedal
     Input File Cleaning and Screening Using a SAS Macro

Paper 226-26:Stephen B. Taubman
     Monitoring Usage of UNIX Software

Paper 227-26:Jeanina M. Worden and Lauren L. Shinaberry
     Hip, Hip, ARRAY... Duplicating and Modifying Records With an ARRAY

Paper 228-26:Charles E. Shipp and Kirk P. Lafler
     SAS Consulting: New Beginnings

Paper 229-26:Andrew H. Karp
     Ten Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became an Independent SAS Software Consultant

Paper 231-26:Morgan C. Wang, Mortaza Jamshidian, and Ying Zhang
     On the Development of Data Mining Certificate Program at the University of Central Florida With SAS

Paper 232-26:John M. LaBore, Melinda S. Rodgers, Steven D. Randolph, Eric A. Slinkard, and Paul A. Franklin
     Singing Cowboys, Fast Horses, and Team Roping: Keeping SAS Users Calm and On The Trail

Paper 233-26: Mary MacDougall
     SUG on a Shoestring: Supporting a SAS Users Group with Low-Cost Internet Tools

Paper 234-26: Kay Obenshain
     Standards for Electronic Submissions to FDA

Paper 235-26: Arthur L. Carpenter and Tony Payne
     Long Names and Other V8 Tips

Paper 236-26: David H. Pingel
     Some Added Value: Using SAS Formats for Table Look-Ups, Merges, and Data Selection

Paper 237-26: Bruce Gilsen and Scott Hoenig
     SAS User Support: Simple, Effective Web Page Design

Paper 238-26: James F. Edgington
     A Basic Mathematical Explanation of SAS/QC and PROC SHEWHART

Paper 239-26: Wei Cheng
     Internet and Web Resources for SAS Programmers and Statisticians

Paper 240-26: John Castelloe and Ralph G. O'Brien
     Power and Sample Size Determination for Linear Models

Paper 241-26: Ilene K. Brill, Maurizio Macaluso, Jareen K. Meinzen-Derr, and Susan A. Allen
     A SAS Program for the Computation of Seroconversion Rates in a Prospective Study of HIV Discordant Couples in Lusaka, Zambia

Paper 242-26: Carey G. Smoak and Jin-Sying Lin
     A SAS Program to Perform Adaptive Randomization

Paper 243-26: Rick M. Mitchell
     Fast and Easy Ways to Annoy a Statistician: The Sharing and Presentation of Data Between a SAS Programmer and a Statistician

Paper 244-26: Tyler C. Smith and Besa Smith
     Survival Analysis and the Application of Cox's Proportional Hazards Modeling Using SAS

Paper 245-26: Mel Widawski
     A Non-mathematical Introduction to Regression Concepts Using PROC REG

Paper 246-26: Chong Ho Yu
     An Introduction to Computing and Interpreting Cronbach Coefficient Alpha in SAS

Paper 247-26: Alex Pedan
     Analysis of Count Data Using SAS

Paper 248-26: Andrew H. Karp
     Getting Started with PROC LOGISTIC

Paper 249-26: Inna Perevozskaya
     Using SAS/IML Software for Solving Non-Standard Optimization Problems in Growth Modeling and Optimal Design

Paper 250-26:Kattamuri S. Sarma
     Using SAS Enterprise Miner for Forecasting

Paper 251-26:Wenming Chen
     Quality Design Based on SAS/EM

Paper 252-26:Bob Rodriguez
     Multivariate Methods for Process Knowledge Discovery:The Power to Know Your Process

Paper 253-26:C. Olivia Parr Rud
     Modeling Lifetime Value in the Insurance Industry

Paper 254-26:Martin Dave Jennings and Radhika Kulkarni
     Cycle Down to Launch: Streamlining Production at Lockheed

Paper 255-26:Brenda S. Ramirez and Jose G. Ramirez
     The ABCs of ADX: A Solution for Design and Analysis of Experiments

Paper 256-26: Dong Xiang
     Fitting Generalized Additive Models with the GAM Procedure

Paper 257-26: Sean W. Mulvenon and Ronna C. Turner
     Techniques for Detection of Cheating on Standardized Tests Using SAS

Paper 258-26: Stephen B. Sloan
     Using SAS to Minimize Exposure and Maximize Compliance

Paper 260-26: Diana D. Suhr

Paper 261-26: Bryan D. Nelson
     Variable Reduction for Modeling Using PROC VARCLUS

Paper 262-26: G. Bruce Schaalje
     Approximations to Distributions of Test Statistics in Complex Mixed Linear Models Using SAS PROC MIXED

Paper 263-26: Jose G. Ramirez and Gordon Johnston
     New Methods for Modeling Reliability Using Degradation Data

Paper 264-26: Jean G. Orelien
     Model Fitting in PROC GENMOD

Paper 265-26: Oliver Kuss
     A SAS/IML Macro for Goodness-of-Fit Testing in Logistic Regression Models With Sparse Data

Paper 266-26: Udo Schmitt
     Ensuring SLAs and SLOs - How to Commit Computer Resources to SAS Applications, Jobs and Users

Paper 267-26: Gary Hutchinson and Ed Trumbell
     SAS Application Performance Monitoring for Solaris

Paper 268-26: Gary Mehler and Clarke Thacher
     Getting the Most Out of Your High-End UNIX and NT Server with SAS

Paper 269-26: John Bentley
     Multi-Process Connect — What, When, Where, How, and Why

Paper 270-26: Deb Cassidy
     Field Test Experiences with Linux

Paper 271-26: Edward Hayes-Hall and Stephen Krause
     Findings and Sizing Considerations of an Integrated BI Software Solution in an AIX 5.0 Environment and Windows NT Environment

Paper 272-26: Paul D. McDonald
     Enterprise-Wide SAS Administration is a Full-Time Job — Here's How

Paper 273-26: Daryl B. Baird
     The Web, SAS, and Security

Paper 274-26: Curtis A. Smith
     Cool New Stuff in Version 8 SAS for MVS

Paper 276-26: Rob Hamm and Kevin Payne
     Taking Advantage of the SAS System on the Windows Platform

Paper 277-26: Susan E. Davis and Carl E. Ralston
     Windows NT Server Configuration and Tuning for Optimal Server Performance

Paper 278-26: Adrien Ndikumwami
     Migration from OpenVMS to Windows NT: Issues and Considerations for Programmers

Paper 279-26: Haftan M. Eckholdt
     Growing Genetic Cows with SAS: Using Low Cost Parallel Processing With Linux —MS/NT Networks to Search Genomes

Paper 280-26: David H. Johnson
     Coding Across the Boundaries

Paper 281-26: Christopher A. Roper
     Accessing and Utilizing the Win32 API from SAS

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