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What Is Included in SAS 9.2?

The majority of the enhancements included in SAS 9.2 are a direct response to requests from our existing customer base. Base SAS 9.2 includes more analytical and graphical capabilities, such as ODS Statistical Graphics and SAS/GRAPH support for ODS styles. New and enhanced features in SAS/STAT, SAS/Genetics, SAS/ETS, SAS/IML, SAS/QC, and SAS/OR software enable you to perform a wider range of statistical and analytical tasks. With the enhancements to SAS Data Integration Studio, you can create and debug jobs more efficiently. In the SAS Business Intelligence applications, all of the user interfaces have been updated to increase productivity and usability.

SAS 9.2 includes significant performance improvements through better use of the underlying hardware and software. The improvements include more widespread use of 64-bit computing, as well as an increased ability to utilize and manage grids. Support for multi-threaded processing has been extended across the platform, from SAS procedures to SAS servers to grid enablement. In addition, new in-database features substantially improve performance by moving analytic tasks closer to your data.

For configurations that use the SAS Metadata Server, SAS 9.2 provides a substantially higher level of integration with the IT infrastructure. Management of SAS servers is improved through a new logging framework, a new management interface in SAS Management Console, and integration with industry-standard monitoring software. Security features have been enhanced to be more robust and IT-friendly.

For all types of configurations, you can now download SAS software automatically through the Internet. In addition, software installation and configuration is significantly easier and faster. The new SAS Deployment Wizard prompts for user entries and checks for required software at the beginning, so that the rest of the process can run silently and unattended.

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Several other products have been enhanced for SAS 9.2, including SAS/CONNECT, SAS/IntrNet, and SAS/SHARE. Read the What's New in SAS 9.2 documentation for a complete list of enhanced and new features.