Resources for Intelligence Platform Migration

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SAS Migration Utility

If your deployment includes one or more Business Intelligence, Data integration, or solution products, and is metadata-based, you might be able to use the SAS Migration Utility to migrate to a newer version of SAS.

SAS® 9.4

The latest advice is summarized in Moving to SAS 9.4 along with links to documentation. Included is an explanation of how to use the migration version analysis in the Analysis Report.

Potential security issue: SAS Institute has identified usage scenarios in the SAS Migration Utility with a potential security issue. For more information, see the notice on the support site. In addition, SAS 9.4 Intelligence Platform: Migration Guide has been updated with cautions to avoid this issue.

Baseline Requirements
Determine whether your previous deployment needs updates or hot fixes before you can migrate.

Analysis Report Messages
Get information to help resolve errors and warnings in the Analysis Report, which is created by the SAS Migration Utility.


A copy of the SAS Migration Utility is available to download for a preliminary analysis of your previous deployment. When you are ready to proceed with your migration, use the SAS Migration Utility that is included in your order to perform your analysis, assess requirements, and create the migration package. If you use a SAS Migration Utility other than the version included in your order, it might support a different set of products and components than your order, and the migration package could produce inaccurate results.