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Planning Your Migration

Good planning cannot be emphasized enough. Start by inventorying your assets and requirements so that you can create the best plan.

Where do I start?

The following documents guide you through the design, execution, and validation of your migration. Choose one of these two migration tracks depending on whether your SAS deployment is based on metadata:

For SAS products like Base SAS that do not rely on metadata, the Migration Planning Worksheet directs you to documentation in the following areas:

Identify which files to migrate, which files to move, and how to update syntax for Base SAS and other SAS products.

Learn about compatibility and migration issues that are specific to your SAS products.

Take an inventory of the hardware you have and the hardware you expect to purchase. Then consider hardware and operating system issues than can affect your migration timeline.

Uncover the time and process constraints that can affect the individuals and workflow in your organization.

Gather requirements from your staff and create a validation plan. Use SAS tools or develop your own validation tests.