SAS® 9.4 — Today and Tomorrow

SAS 9.4 and SAS® Viya®

Today, SAS 9.4 helps you discover insights, manage data and make analytics approachable. With the delivery of SAS 9.4 TS1M5 - alongside Analytics 14.3 and new releases of key Data Management and Decision Management products - SAS continues to deliver innovative solutions built on the SAS 9.4 platform to meet your current and future needs.

And you can integrate your SAS 9.4 and SAS Viya environments so you can take advantage of both worlds. Learn more about SAS Viya.

SAS® 9.4

The evolution of the SAS Platform continues with the delivery of SAS 9.4M5. Customers who want to leverage the power of SAS Viya from their familiar SAS 9 programming interfaces will benefit from the interoperability procedures and interfaces included with SAS 9.4M5. Customers are encouraged to stay current with SAS product releases. The SAS 9.4 releases continue to fully use multicore technologies to deliver increased processing capabilities through high-performance, in-database and in-memory analytics resulting in greater insights more quickly from big data and streaming data. SAS 9.4 delivers a highly available and resilient platform for deploying SAS in traditional on-site environments along with additional support for private and public cloud deployments. With the fifth Maintenance release of SAS 9.4, we're also delivering the 14.3 releases of the SAS analytical products, which means rich new features and enhancements for products such as SAS/STAT, SAS/ETS and others.

SAS 9.4 includes features that will benefit all of the users at your site.

  • For IT departments, SAS 9.4 provides a simplified architecture, increased security, and more deployment options. SAS 9.4M5 adds enhancements for SAS Grid Manager; updates to support additional languages, locales and encodings; and updates to management tools.
  • For SAS administrators, SAS 9.4 reduces your dependence on IT with new management capabilities and administration tools, like the SAS Environment Manager.
  • For data administrators, SAS 9.4 creates a more complete data management solution. Also new programming languages enable you to manipulate your data and access relational data from various data sources. New programming languages enable you to update data on the database and access relational data from various sources.
  • For security administrators, the 9.4M5 release provides new options for managing security, including updates to Transport Layer Security (TLS) defaults and minimum protocols, and updates for JRE. SAS software undergoes continual review and hardening against security vulnerabilities. SAS/SECURE is included with all shipments except where export restrictions apply. Read the summary of the SAS Software Security Framework development lifecycle, which includes a link to a more detailed security whitepaper and a link to the list of Security Bulletins from SAS.
  • For SAS programmers, we offer SAS Studio, a developmental web application for SAS that you access through your web browser. With SAS Studio, you can access your data files, libraries, and existing programs, and you can write new programs. SAS 9.4M5 adds support for direct interoperability with SAS Viya, and for importing Enterprise Guide projects, in addition to supporting new tasks and upgraded graphing tasks.
  • For the business user, reports are available from a variety of mobile devices, so you have the information that you need, when you need it.
  • For the statistician, new capabilities from observational data analysis to survival data analysis increase your effectiveness and your versatility. See more about Analytical Products 14.3.

Product specific documentation summarizes key capabilities that have been introduced.

SAS Administrators should be aware that Maintenance Releases and Product Updates has information about migrating to SAS 9.4.