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Statistics & Operations Research Resources

SAS Analytics: Highlights of 13.1 Releases

Rich new releases of many SAS analytical products are available. The 13.1 releases of these products are included with the first maintenance release of Base SAS® 9.4. Software for statistics, econometrics, forecasting, quality improvement, optimization, and high-performance analytics will be provided. The following are highlights.

SAS/STAT® 13.1 Highlights

  • Survival analysis for interval-censored data
  • Sensitivity analysis in multiple imputation for missing data
  • Item response theory (IRT) models
  • Fine and Gray model for competing-risks data
  • Bayesian choice models
  • Path diagrams for structural equation models

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Stability of Alienation

SAS/QC® 13.1 Highlights

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SAS/IML® 13.1 Highlights

  • Enhanced linear programming and mixed integer linear programming optimization
  • Enhanced data visualization through ODS Graphics
  • Additional functions for data analysis and simulation
  • New SAS programming window for SAS/IML® Studio
  • Enhanced editing features in the SAS/IML Studio programming environment

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histogram with density curves

SAS® Enterprise Miner™ 13.1 Highlights

  • Time series data mining nodes
  • Bayesian network classification
  • Support vector machines
  • Generalized linear models node
  • Support for clustered mid-tier deployments
  • Model registration

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principal components

SAS/OR® 13.1 Highlights

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SAS/ETS® 13.1 Highlights

  • Models for limited dependent variables with endogenous regressors
  • New multivariate time series techniques that provide performance gains
  • Compound distribution modeling for loss simulation
  • Multivariate Bayesian limited dependent models
  • Convenient access to Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED)
  • Conway-Maxwell-Poisson regression

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Aggregate Loss

SAS® Forecast Server 13.1 Highlights

  • Diagnostic engine multithreaded for model generation and for variable and event selection
  • Forecasting engine multithreaded for model selection
  • Support for SAS® Grid Manager workspace servers for load balancing of multiple projects
  • Interactive exploration and analysis of large volumes of data in SAS® Time Series Studio

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SAS Project Manager

SAS® Text Miner 13.1 Highlights

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High-Performance Analytics Updates

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New Statistical Graphs from SAS/STAT

Estimated Survival Function graph Stability of Alienation chart