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Video Tip: Send email from SAS

Learn how to use SAS to send an email with attachments.

Execute a Python script in SAS

Intructions for executing a Python script in SAS Enterprise Miner.

The architecture of SAS Grid Manager for Hadoop

New product available in SAS 9.4M3.

Using the JSON Procedure

Specifies the JSON output file and controls the resulting output.

SAS Factory Miner

SAS Factory Miner provides an automated web-based framework to build and retrain predictive models across business (region, product, mobile phone plan etc.) or customer segments (married vs. single customer vs families, high vs low value customers). It enables testing many modeling approaches simultaneously across many segments using latest machine learning and statistical algorithms. Users can assess performance of the entire model portfolio and identify underperforming models for manual fine-tuning. SAS Factory Miner is new in the 14.1 release and runs as an add-on to SAS Enterprise Miner. Find out more about SAS Factory Miner.