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Table of Contents

Developer's Guide Overview
Developing Custom Portlets
* Development Steps
* Creating a Deployment Descriptor
* Creating Display Resources Files
* Developing the Presentation JSP Page
* Creating Action Classes
* Implementing Portlet Help
* Creating a PAR File for Deployment in Your Application
* Use Cases
* Creating a Simple Display Portlet
* Creating a Localized Portlet
* Creating a Portlet Template (Editable Portlet)
* Creating a Remote Portlet
* Tips and Best Practices
* Using the Portlet API
* Sample Portlets
* Sample: Localized Display Portlet (Welcome Portlet)
* Sample: Interactive Form Portlet (FormExample)
* Sample: Portlet Template, or Editable Portlet (DisplayURL)
* Sample: Web Application (HelloUserWikExample)
* Sample: Remote Portlet (HelloUserRemotePortlet)
Developing Custom Themes
* Steps for Defining a New Theme
* Style Sheet and Graphics Reference
* Theme Template Reference
* SASthemes.xml File
* Element Descriptions for Themes DTD
* Changing the Application Name
* Migrating Custom Themes After Installing a Service Pack
* List of Theme Changes for Service Pack 3
* List of Theme Changes for Service Pack 4
Integrating Other Web Applications With the Portal
* Using SAS Foundation Services With the Portal