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Administrator's Guide
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Administrator's Guide
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Table of Contents

Administrator's Guide Overview
Getting Started
SAS Foundation Services
* Understanding Service Deployments
* Understanding Service Deployment Configuration
* Managing Service Deployments
* Defining Service Deployments
* Importing Service Deployments
* Exporting Service Deployments
* Duplicating Service Deployments
* Redistributing Service Deployments
* Installing and Running Foundation Services as a Windows Service
* Understanding How Applications Deploy Foundation Services
* Understanding How Applications Locate Foundation Services
* Scenario: Stand-alone Application
* Scenario: Remote-accessible Services
* Scenario: Local and Remote-accessible Services
* Understanding How Applications Share Foundation Services
* Modifying Service Configurations
* Understanding the Event Broker Service
* Modifying the Information Service Configuration
* Modifying the Logging Service Configuration
* Modifying the Session and User Service Configurations
* Monitoring Applications
Stored Processes
Publishing Framework
* Planning Your Publishing Solution
* Managing Subscribers
* Delivery Transports
* Filters
* Managing Channels
* Persistent Stores
* Publishing to Secure Servers
* Example: Creating a Subscriber
* Example: Creating a Channel