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Publishing Framework
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Publishing to Secure Servers
Example: Creating a Subscriber
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Publishing Framework

Publishing Framework

The Publishing Framework provides a complete publishing environment for information delivery. The Publishing Framework enables both users and applications to publish SAS files (including data sets, catalogs, and database views), other digital content, and system-generated events to a variety of destinations, including the following:

  • e-mail accounts
  • message queues
  • publication channels and subscribers
  • WebDAV-compliant servers
  • archive locations.

The Publishing Framework also provides tools that enable both users and applications to receive and process published information. For example, users can receive packages with content, such as charts and graphs, that is ready for viewing; and SAS programs can receive packages with SAS data sets that might in turn trigger additional analyses of that data.

The Publishing Framework plug-in to SAS Management Console provides an interface with which to administer the Publishing Framework. With the Publishing Framework plug-in, you can manage subscriber definitions and manage channel definitions.

For information about implementing the Publishing Framework capabilities in your applications, see Publishing Framework in the SAS Integration Technologies: Developer's Guide.

Note: To publish to a subscriber who is defined with a WebDAV delivery transport on a secured WebDAV server, or to persist content on a secured WebDAV server or to an archive path on a secured HTTP or FTP server, the publisher must have credentials on that server. See Publishing to Secure Servers for details.