SAS/IML® Studio

SAS/IML Studio is software for statistical programming. It provides a highly flexible programming environment in which you can run SAS/STAT or SAS/IML analyses and display the results with dynamically linked graphics and data tables. SAS/IML Studio is intended for data analysts who write SAS programs to solve statistical problems but need more versatility for data exploration and model building. The programming language in SAS/IML Studio, which is called IMLPlus, is an enhanced version of the IML programming language. IMLPlus extends IML to provide new language features, including the ability to create and manipulate statistical graphics, call SAS procedures as functions, and call computational programs written in C, C++, Java, and FORTRAN. SAS/IML Studio also provides the capability to interface with the R language. SAS/IML Studio runs on a PC in the Microsoft Windows operating environment.

SAS/IML Studio is distributed with SAS/IML software.

IML Studio

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SAS/IML Studio 14.1 online documentation is available in PDF and HTML formats

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