Statistics & Data Analysis

The SAS® System provides extensive statistical capabilities, including tools for both specialized and enterprise-wide analytical needs. Research institutes, laboratories, market research firms, universities, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, banks, and insurance companies can all take advantage of these statistical capabilities. From traditional analysis of variance to exact methods to statistical visualization techniques, the SAS System provides the tools required to analyze data and help your organization make the right decisions.

Statistical Analysis

SAS/STAT® software includes a wide range of statistical analyses, including analysis of variance, regression analysis, categorical data analysis, multivariate analysis, survival analysis, psychometric analysis, cluster analysis, and nonparametric analysis.

Matrix Programming Language

SAS/IML® software provides a powerful and flexible matrix programming language in a dynamic, interactive environment for programmers, statisticians, and researchers. You can use the SAS System for data manipulation and statistical analysis, then employ the SAS/IML matrix language for more specialized analyses and exploration.

Matrix Programming Interface

SAS/IML® Studio is a graphical user interface and extension of SAS/IML software that enables you to explore data interactively using standard statistical graphics and tables. SAS/IML Studio provides an integrated development environment for writing, debugging, and executing SAS/IML programs. SAS/IML Studio also implements the IMLPlus programming language, which is an enhanced version of the IML programming language. IMLPlus provides new language features such as the ability to call SAS procedures and external C/Fortran/Java functions. SAS/IML Studio also provides the capability to interface with the R language. SAS/IML Studio requires a PC running the Microsoft Windows operating system.