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SAS® OLAP Server

The SAS Online Analytical Processing Server (SAS OLAP Server) is a multi-user, scalable, online analytical processing server that can be used to store and access large volumes of data while maintaining system performance. The SAS OLAP Server allows data to be stored as a cube and then analyzed from many different view points or dimensions. The data can be multidimensional (MOLAP) or a hybrid combination (HOLAP). Because the volume of data stored in these databases and the number of users making requests to the server at any one time can be very large, it is important that the software used to deliver the data be scaled for maximum performance.

The SAS 9 OLAP Server makes use of many new features to provide maximum performance. It makes use of the same storage technology used by the SPD Engine for storing and accessing the cubes. The SAS OLAP Server is also threaded to provide parallel I/O to partitioned data and parallel processing of the data as it is read. The amount of threading that the server actually performs can be user-controlled by an option in the server configuration as well as in the administrator user-interface. These enhancements result in a scalable SAS OLAP Server that provides faster access and processing of your data.

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We at SAS have created the Scalability Community to make you aware of the connectivity and scalability features and enhancements that you can leverage for your SAS installation. The success of this community depends on you. Send electronic mail to with your comments, requirements, and suggestions.