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What's New in the SAS OLAP Server 9.1 and 9.1.3


The SAS OLAP Server software enables users to develop and deploy scalable Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) applications. In addition, automated data loading and cube building are available through a new application called SAS OLAP Cube Studio, which was developed using Java technology.

OLAP queries are performed using the Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) query language in client applications that are connected to the SAS OLAP Server by using the following:

The SAS OLAP Server software has the following new and enhanced features:

Note:   This section describes the features of the SAS OLAP Server that are new or enhanced since SAS 8.2.

New Tools for Data Loading and Cube Building

The OLAP procedure, in addition to cube building, includes options for handling ragged hierarchies, defining global calculated members and named sets, assigning properties to levels, and optimizing cube creation and query performance. It also supports multiple hierarchies and drill-through tables.

SAS OLAP Cube Studio is an alternative Java interface to the OLAP procedure. This interface is also integrated with SAS Data Integration Studio.

New Options Added to the PROC OLAP Statement

The following options have been added to the PROC OLAP statement:


when building a cube from a star schema, this option enables additional summarizations during the cube build that can decrease the size of the NWAY aggregation.


when building a cube from a star schema, this option enables the continuation of the build when the fact table is found to contain keys that are not present in any of the dimension tables. The log receives information about the number and location of the missing keys.

For more information about these new options, see the SAS OLAP Server: User's Guide.

New Functions

The following functions are new:

New Tuning Capabilities for the Query Thread Pool

New tuning capabilities for the query thread pool are now available for each of your SAS OLAP Servers. Tuning the query thread pool enables you to optimize performance based on the number and frequency of query requests that are received by a SAS OLAP Server.

New Tuning Options Window

A tuning Options window has been added to the Manual Tuning function and the Advanced Aggregation Tuning plug-in. The Options window enables you to specify certain performance options in the PROC OLAP statement when adding or modifying aggregations for a cube. In this window you can view the current values and change the values when needed.

Improved Performance

Server performance is recorded and analyzed by using the Application Response Measurement (ARM) system.

The new multi-threaded data storage and server functionality provide faster cube performance. The data can be stored in a multidimensional form (MOLAP) or in a form that includes existing aggregations from presummarized data sources.

Improved Querying Capability

An SQL Pass-Through Facility for OLAP is available in SAS for use in querying cubes.

A subquery cache can now be enabled, disabled, and sized for each of your SAS OLAP Servers. The new cache stores subqueries that generate empty result sets.

Improved Aggregation Tuning

Aggregations can be added to or deleted from existing cubes. In addition, further enhancements for aggregation tuning have been made:

General Enhancements

General enhancements are as follows:

Documentation Enhancements

The SAS OLAP Server: Administrator's Guide is no longer available. The administrative documentation for the SAS OLAP Server software has been moved into the following documents and updated:

SAS Intelligence Platform: Application Server Administration Guide

describes the configuration, tuning, and management of SAS OLAP Servers.

SAS Intelligence Platform: Desktop Application Administration Guide

describes the administration of SAS OLAP Cube Studio.

SAS Intelligence Platform: System Administration Guide

describes SAS OLAP Server start, stop, restart, monitoring, and cube data import and export.

SAS Intelligence Platform: Security Administration Guide

describes security issues for SAS OLAP cubes, including a newly updated section about member-level security.

SAS Intelligence Platform: Data Administration Guide

describes how to define libraries and schemas for SAS OLAP cubes.

The SAS Intelligence Platform documentation is available from SAS 9.1.3 OnlineDoc on the Web at and at

Note:   The other SAS OLAP Server documents, the SAS OLAP Server: User's Guide and the SAS OLAP Server: MDX Guide remain available.  [cautionend]