Accessibility Features of SAS OLAP Cube Studio 4.4


SAS OLAP Cube Studio 4.4 has been tested against the accessibility standards for electronic information technology that were adopted by the U.S. Government under Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (2008 draft proposal initiative update). It was also tested against Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 levels A and AA, part of the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C). For detailed information about the accessibility of this product, send e-mail to or call SAS Technical Support.

Documentation Format

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Java Access Bridge

In order for assistive technologies that run in Windows to interoperate with a SAS application that is based on Java technology, the Java Access Bridge from Oracle must be installed and configured in the application’s installation directory. For information about downloading and installing this software, go to

Keyboard Shortcuts and Mnemonics

The following table contains some of the keyboard shortcuts and mnemonics for SAS OLAP Cube Studio.
Keyboard Shortcuts and Mnemonics
Keyboard Shortcut or Mnemonic
Close active applications on the desktop.
Switch to the next window between modeless secondary windows and their primary window.
Open the title bar icon. It displays the program menu of the leftmost icon on the title bar.
Provide a pop-up menu of active applications, associated with their product graphic. You can traverse the menu and select applications.
Reverse direction through the pop-up menu.
Display a pop-up menu for the active MDI window.
Navigate active applications on the desktop and then desktop shortcut bar items.
Release the Esc key to select an application.
Reverse the direction. Navigates windows in reverse order.
Display the properties of a selected item while you are working in a window.
Copy a screen image to the clipboard.
Copy an active window image to the Windows clipboard.
Move the window.
Select Move from the title bar menu. Use the arrow keys to move the window. Press Enter to accept or Esc to cancel.
Change the size of the window.
Select Size from title bar menu. Use an arrow key to choose which window border to move. Move the window with the appropriate arrow keys. Press Enter to accept or Esc to cancel.
Minimize or Maximize the window.
Select Minimize or Maximize from the title bar menu. The window is then minimized or maximized.
Restore the window to its original size after using the Minimize or Maximize actions.
Select Restore from the title bar. The window is restored to its original size.