SAS® Data Science

Access your entire analytics lifecycle via a robust programming interface. SAS Data Science provides data and analytic capabilities, including machine learning and deep learning, to help you solve complex analytical problems with automated insights.

SAS Data Science benefits include:

  • Rich set of data and analytic capabilities including machine learning and deep learning
  • Programmatic access for seamless integration with existing data source and tools
  • Incorporate with Python or R with ease along with SAS models
  • Simply and quickly deploy models at scale with needed governance

*Select components may not be available on all operating systems.


SAS Data Science combines SAS/ACCESS, SAS/CONNECT, SAS/IML, SAS/QC, SAS Data Quality, SAS Econometrics, SAS Optimization, SAS Studio, SAS Visual Analytics (in SAS Viya), SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning, SAS Visual Forecasting, SAS Visual Statistics (in SAS Viya and on SAS 9.4) and SAS Visual Text Analytics to support data, discovery, and deployment aspects of your analytics life cycle.