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Publishing Framework

Package Transports

The destination (or transport) for delivering a package is defined in the Where to Publish tab of the SAS Publisher GUI or programmatically in a SAS application using PACKAGE_PUBLISH CALL routines.

Transports are the following:

a single binary collection of all the items in a package. An archived package is also referred to as an SPK file, which is short for SAS Package.

a conduit through which the defined transport (either e-mail or message queue) delivers package items to the subscriber of the channel. The subscriber defines the preferred transport using personal subscription properties.

mechanism for delivering selected package items to identified recipients.

Message Queue
in application messaging, a place where the publisher can send a message (or a package) that can be retrieved by another program for continued processing.

WebDAV-Compliant Server
an acronym for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning. Whereas the traditional transports (archive, channel, e-mail, and message queue) are repositories for published package data that can be retrieved and reprocessed in a synchronous fashion, a WebDAV-compliant server facilitates concurrent access to and update of package data on the Internet.