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SAS Publisher
How SAS Publisher Works
Starting SAS Publisher
Publishing a Package
Defining Package Content
Specifying Package Destination
Specifying Package Format
Using SAS Publisher with SAS/Warehouse Administrator
Publishing Framework

SAS Publisher

SAS Publisher provides an intuitive, easy-to-use graphical interface for you to point and click your way through the package-publishing process. SAS Publisher serves as the interface to the Publish Package CALL routines that drive the SAS Integration Technology publish-and-subscribe solution.

SAS Publisher lets the publisher select existing digital content within the business enterprise for inclusion in a single package for immediate delivery to the people who need it most. Digital content can include both SAS and other (external) data. In the context of SAS Publisher, package entities are referred to as items.

Package delivery methods span the range from simple to complex: simple e-mail to a list of known recipients, information channels for end-user and group subscription, message queue or archive for subsequent person or programmatic access, and collections on WebDAV-compliant servers for subsequent retrieval and reuse.

The ability of SAS Publisher to create and deliver information is the cornerstone of the Publishing Framework. Underlying the functions of SAS Publisher is a rich set of Publish Package CALL routines, which you can also use directly to develop programmatic solutions for package publishing.

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