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SAS Package Retriever
Invoking SAS Package Retriever
Obtaining a Package
From Archive
From Queue
From WebDAV
Selecting Package Entries for Retrieval and Storage
Retrieving and Storing a Package Entry
SAS Data
SAS Data Set
SAS Catalog or Database
External Data
Binary File
Binary File of Type CSV
Text File
Viewer File
Removing the Package from the Transport Location
Publishing Framework

SAS Package Retriever

SAS Package Retriever is an SCL application that enables you to retrieve package data from a transport—archive, message queue, or WebDAV-compliant server—to an appropriate storage location on your SAS System or an external file location. After you designate a storage location for the entry—for example, at a libref, fileref, or a file location—you can reference the entry for inclusion in a SAS program for continued package publishing in the business enterprise.

Examples of package data include SAS data (such as a SAS data set, SAS catalog, or a SAS database) and external data (such as an HTML file, binary file, text file, or viewer file).

Underlying the functions of SAS Package Retriever is a subset of the Publish Package CALL routines that relate explicitly to retrieving packages, which you could directly use for programmatic package retrieval.

SAS Package Retriever Main Window