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Publish Event Interface (CALL Routines)

Version 9 of the Publishing Framework supports the generation and publication of events. Explicit event publication enables a SAS program to generate an event of any kind and publish it explicitly.

First, you use the following CALL routines to define the event:

Once the event is defined, you can do the following:

  • use the EVENT_PUBLISH CALL routine to generate an event that can be published using HTTP, message queuing, or a publication channel.

    The event is generated using a well-formed XML specification that contains the name of the event, a set of associated properties, and a message body. For detailed information, see the XML Specification for Generic Events and the Examples of Generated Events

  • use the EVENT_END CALL routine to free all resources associated with the event

Note: The SAS Publisher user interface does not currently support explicit event generation, and the Publishing Framework does not currently support event retrieval.

To collect and process events that the Publishing Framework generates, you can develop customized programs using the Event Broker service. The Event Broker is one of the Platform Services provided with Integration Technologies. For more information, see in the Foundation Services class documentation.

Version 9 of the Publishing Framework also supports implicit event publication. This feature enables a channel's subscribers to be designated as "event" subscribers. The Publishing Framework then automatically notifies event subscribers whenever new information is published to the channel. For more information, see About Events.