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Publishing Framework

Publishing Programmatically Using SAS

The Interface to the Publish Package CALL Routines can be used to write a SAS program to publish a package:

  1. A package and its properties are defined using the PACKAGE_BEGIN CALL routine.

    CALL PACKAGE_BEGIN(pid, desc, nameValue, rc);

  2. Items are inserted in the package using an appropriate CALL routine.

    CALL routines fall into two categories of item types:

    Call INSERT_DATASET(pid, libname, memname, description, NameValue, rc);

  3. The destination (or transport) for delivering the package is defined using the PACKAGE_PUBLISH CALL routine.

    CALL routines for supported transports are as follows:

    publishType = "TO_ARCHIVE"
    CALL PACKAGE_PUBLISH (pid, publishType, rc, properties, archivePath, archiveName);

  4. The end of the package is defined using the PACKAGE_END CALL routine.

    CALL PACKAGE_END(pid, rc);

For complete details about how to use the Publish Package CALL routines to publish a package, see Publish Package Interface.