SAS® 9.22 Analytical Products

New release of SAS® analytics software now available!


In order to get new analytical functionality to our customers faster than ever, SAS has released new versions of SAS/STAT®, SAS/ETS®, and SAS/OR® software in the second quarter of 2010. These products are coupled with the third maintenance release of SAS 9.2. A new version of SAS/IML® software was subsequently released in the fourth quarter.

SAS/STAT® 9.22

The new SAS/STAT release includes many enhancements to existing functionality in addition to two new procedures.

Prediction Contours for daGSI

SAS/ETS® 9.22

The new SAS/ETS release provides increased support for time series data and includes two new procedures.

SAS/OR® 9.22

The new SAS/OR release continues to enhance support for optimization models while expanding support for discrete event simulation.

SAS Simulation Studio

SAS/IML® 9.22

The new SAS/IML release includes two new features that are related to calling other languages from within the IML procedure:

In addition, SAS/IML now provides 14 new functions and subroutines.

For more information see the documentation for these products.

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