The SPP Procedure

Syntax: SPP Procedure

The following statements are available in PROC SPP:

  • PROC SPP options;

  • BY variables;

  • PROCESS name = (variables </pattern-options>)</process-options <distance-function-options>>;

  • TREND name = FIELD(field-definition );

  • COVTEST process-name = trend-name <trend-name, …></options>;

  • MODEL process-name = <trend-name, …></model-options>;

  • PARMS value-list </ PARMSDATA=SAS-data set>;

  • NLOPTIONS <options>;

You must specify at least one PROCESS statement. The MODEL statement and the COVTEST statements must have one process variable on the left side and can have one or more processes or trends on the right side. When you specify the PARMS and NLOPTIONS statements, they must be preceded by the MODEL statement.

The following sections describe the PROC SPP statement and then describe the other statements in alphabetical order.