The ICPHREG Procedure

OUTPUT Statement

  • OUTPUT <OUT=SAS-data-set> <keyword=name …keyword=name>;

The OUTPUT statement creates a new SAS data set that contains all the variables in the input data set and, optionally, contains the estimated linear predictors (XBETA) and their standard error estimates, residuals, and diagnostic statistics.

The estimated linear predictor and its standard error estimate are computed for all observations in which the explanatory variables are all nonmissing, even if the response is missing. By adding to the input data set observations for which both lower and upper values are missing, you can compute these statistics for new observations for settings of the explanatory variables not present in the data without affecting the model fit.

You can specify the following options:


specifies the output data set. If you omit the OUT=option, PROC ICPHREG creates the output data set and gives it a default name that uses the DATAn convention.


specifies the statistics to be included in the output data set and names the new variables that contain the statistics. Specify a keyword for each statistic that you want (see the following list of keywords), an equal sign, and the name of the new variable or variables to contain the statistic. You can list only one variable after the equal sign for all the statistics.

Although you can use the OUTPUT statement without specifying a keyword=name, if you do so, the output data set then contains only the original variables. Formulas for the statistics are given in the section Residuals and Diagnostic Statistics.

You can specify the following keywords:


represents the interval length for the input observation. The value is missing if the observation is right-censored or missing.


represents the deviance residual for identifying poorly fitted observations.


represents the Lagakos residual for identifying poorly fitted observations.


represents the standard error estimate of XBETA (see the XBETA keyword).


represents the estimate of the linear predictor $\mb{x}_ i^\prime \bbeta $ for observation i. If there is an offset, it is included in $\mb{x}_ i^\prime \bbeta $.

The OUTPUT statement is not available when you specify the STRATA statement or the ENTRY= option in the MODEL statement.