The UNIVARIATE Procedure

Summarizing a Data Distribution

Figure 4.1 shows a table of basic summary measures and a table of extreme observations for the loan-to-value ratios of 5,840 home mortgages. The ratios are saved as values of the variable LoanToValueRatio in a data set named HomeLoans. The following statements request a univariate analysis:

ods select BasicMeasures ExtremeObs;
proc univariate data=HomeLoans;
   var LoanToValueRatio;

The ODS SELECT statement restricts the default output to the tables for basic statistical measures and extreme observations.

Figure 4.1: Basic Measures and Extreme Observations

The UNIVARIATE Procedure
Variable: LoanToValueRatio (Loan to Value Ratio)

Basic Statistical Measures
Location Variability
Mean 0.292512 Std Deviation 0.16476
Median 0.248050 Variance 0.02715
Mode 0.250000 Range 1.24780
    Interquartile Range 0.16419

Extreme Observations
Lowest Highest
Value Obs Value Obs
0.0651786 1 1.13976 5776
0.0690157 3 1.14209 5791
0.0699755 59 1.14286 5801
0.0702412 84 1.17090 5799
0.0704787 4 1.31298 5811

The tables in Figure 4.1 show, in particular, that the average ratio is 0.2925 and the minimum and maximum ratios are 0.06518 and 1.1398, respectively.