The UNIVARIATE Procedure

Tables for Summary Statistics

By default, PROC UNIVARIATE produces ODS tables of moments, basic statistical measures, tests for location, quantiles, and extreme observations. You must specify options in the PROC UNIVARIATE statement to request other statistics and tables. The CIBASIC option produces a table that displays confidence limits for the mean, standard deviation, and variance. The CIPCTLDF and CIPCTLNORMAL options request tables of confidence limits for the quantiles. The LOCCOUNT option requests a table that shows the number of values greater than, not equal to, and less than the value of MU0=. The FREQ option requests a table of frequencies counts. The NEXTRVAL= option requests a table of extreme values. The NORMAL option requests a table with tests for normality.

The TRIMMED=, WINSORIZED=, and ROBUSTSCALE options request tables with robust estimators. The table of trimmed or Winsorized means includes the percentage and the number of observations that are trimmed or Winsorized at each end, the mean and standard error, confidence limits, and the Student’s $t$ test. The table with robust measures of scale includes interquartile range, Gini’s mean difference G, MAD, $Q_ n$, and $S_ n$, with their corresponding estimates of $\sigma $.

See the section ODS Table Names for the names of ODS tables created by PROC UNIVARIATE.