The UNIVARIATE Procedure

ODS Tables for Fitted Distributions

If you request a fitted parametric distribution with a HISTOGRAM statement, PROC UNIVARIATE creates a summary that is organized into the ODS tables described in this section.


The ParameterEstimates table lists the estimated (or specified) parameters for the fitted curve as well as the estimated mean and estimated standard deviation. See Formulas for Fitted Continuous Distributions.

EDF Goodness-of-Fit Tests

When you fit a parametric distribution, the HISTOGRAM statement provides a series of goodness-of-fit tests based on the empirical distribution function (EDF). See EDF Goodness-of-Fit Tests. These are displayed in the GoodnessOfFit table.

Histogram Intervals

The Bins table is included in the summary only if you specify the MIDPERCENTS option in parentheses after the distribution option. This table lists the midpoints for the histogram bins along with the observed and estimated percentages of the observations that lie in each bin. The estimated percentages are based on the fitted distribution.

If you specify the MIDPERCENTS option without requesting a fitted distribution, the HistogramBins table is included in the summary. This table lists the interval midpoints with the observed percent of observations that lie in the interval. See the entry for the MIDPERCENTS option on .


The FitQuantiles table lists observed and estimated quantiles. You can use the PERCENTS= option to specify the list of quantiles in this table. See the entry for the PERCENTS= option on . By default, the table lists observed and estimated quantiles for the 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 90, 95, and 99 percent of a fitted parametric distribution.