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Introduction to SASŪ Enterprise Scheduling with the Platform Suite for SAS

SAS addresses enterprise scheduling needs by incorporating the advanced scheduling capabilities of Platform Computing. The Process Manager component of the Platform Suite for SAS addresses the challenges of scheduling and automating your SAS workload across a single server or a distributed grid environment. Based on an advanced technology infrastructure, it is specifically designed to efficiently manage complex job flows. Unlike other job schedulers, it offers the sophistication of resource virtualization, optimal resource sharing, enterprise scalability and seamless manageability across your enterprise. Enterprise scheduling is available as an add-on for single machine environments and is a component of SASŪ Grid Manager for use in multiple machine environments.

Enterprise scheduling is integrated with the following:

It can also be used to schedule any user-written SAS program or any SAS program generated by SAS products or solutions including SASŪ Enterprise Guide. SAS provides the Schedule Manager plug-in with SASŪ Management Console so you can create SAS workflows and schedule them based on time and file events.

The key benefits of SAS Enterprise Scheduling using the Platform Suite for SAS include:

  1. Automates processing of SAS workloads across your enterprise.
  2. Maximizes resource utilization by providing effective workload prioritization.
  3. Supports the mission-critical execution of thousands of jobs across your SAS Grid environment.
  4. Ensures that your scheduled jobs are automatically distributed across your enterprise and reliably processed on available compute resources.

We at SAS have created the Scalability Community to make you aware of the connectivity and scalability features and enhancements that you can leverage for your SAS installation. The success of this community depends on you. Send electronic mail to with your comments, requirements, and suggestions.