Experimental Design Macro MktEx

The MktEx macro generates factorial experimental designs. It was developed for marketing researchers and anyone else who wants to make efficient designs. This full-featured macro provides main-effects designs as well as more complicated designs including interactions and restrictions on which levels can appear together. Over one-hundred thousand orthogonal designs are available in the MktEx design catalog, as well as efficient nonorthogonal designs. Here are some of the MktEx macro's capabilities:

easy to use Hadamard matrices balanced designs
efficient designs Taguchi designs any number of factors
orthogonal designs main effects any number of levels
nonorthogonal designs interactions any mix of levels
nearly orthogonal designs blocking factors level restrictions
full-factorial designs design diagnostics general restrictions
fractional-factorial designs design evaluations ensures no duplicate profiles
tabled designs automatic randomization partial profiles

The macro makes it easy to create the kinds of linear designs that marketing researchers need for conjoint and choice experiments, including specialized designs like partial profiles. See the discrete choice chapter, the conjoint chapter, and the macro documentation chapter in the Marketing Research book for the macros, documentation, and usage examples. You can install the Mktex and other experimental design macros and use them in release 8.2 or later releases of the SAS system. See the readme.txt file in the macro zip file for more information on the macros and how to install them. You should install all of the macros since they call each other and the new macros will not work with older versions.

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