Summary of ODS Graphics Functionality

Graphical Task Audience What do you use? What should you learn?
Create graphs in the context of statistical analyses Statistical users SAS/STAT®, SAS/ETS®, SAS/QC®, and Base SAS® statistical procedures that support ODS Graphics Specify ODS GRAPHICS ON; graphs are then created by default or with procedure options, which are documented in the procedure chapters
Enhance specific graphs for a paper or presentation Statistical and general SAS® users ODS Graphics Editor How to request editable graphs, invoke the Editor, use point-and-click features; see the SAS/GRAPH®: ODS Graphics Editor User's Guide
Create stand-alone graphs for data exploration or for customized displays Statistical and general SAS users SGPLOT, SGPANEL, SGSCATTER procedures in SAS/GRAPH SG procedure syntax; see the SAS/GRAPH: Statistical Graphics Procedures Guide
Change the overall consistent appearance of graphs and tables Statistical and general SAS users ODS styles STYLE= option in ODS destination statement
Save and manage graphs for papers and presentations Statistical and general SAS users ODS GRAPHICS options, ODS destination options How to specify size and resolution, how to name and access image files
Make persistent changes in graphs produced by statistical procedures (which apply whenever you run your program) Advanced SAS programmers User-modifications of graph templates that SAS provides Basic features of the Graph Template Language and PROC TEMPLATE; see the SAS/GRAPH: Graph Template Language Reference
Create a highly customized stand-alone graph Advanced SAS programmers ODS Graphics Designer GUI for creating graph templates
Create a highly customized stand-alone graph Advanced SAS programmers User-written templates Graph Template Language, PROC TEMPLATE, and PROC SGRENDER; see the SAS/GRAPH: Graph Template Language Reference and the SAS/GRAPH: Graph Template Language User's Guide


Example: Survival Plot Created by PROC LIFETEST

ods listing style=statistical;
ods graphics on;
proc lifetest data=grouped
   plots=survival(cb=hw test
         atrisk=0 to 1500 by 250);
         time Time*Cens(0);
   strata Treatment;
   by Site;

Example: Scatter Plot Matrix Created by PROC SGSCATTER

proc sgscatter data=IrisVirginica;
   title 'Fisher Iris Data';
   matrix petallength petalwidth sepallength /
      diagonal=(histogram normal kernel);

Example: Customized Fit Plot Created with
Graph Template Language

 proc template;
   define statgraph block;
      entrytitle 'El Ni(*ESC*){Unicode "00F1"x}o'
                    'Cycle of Pressure Differences';
      layout overlay / xaxisopts=(offsetmin=0
       blockplot x=month block=elnino /
        datatransparency=0.75 display=(fill outline);
      scatterplot y=pressure x=month;
      pbsplineplot y=pressure x=month;

See Resources for ODS Statistical Graphics to learn more.

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