SUGI 25 Proceedings

Indianapolis, Indiana
April 9-12, 2000
Nancy Patton, Conference Chair

Table of Contents

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Advanced Tutorials Applications Development Beginning Tutorials Coders' Corner
Data Warehousing and Solutions Emerging Technologies Hands-on Workshops Information Visualization
Internet, Intranets, and the Web Posters Professional Development and User Support Statistics and Data Analysis
Systems Architecture

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Advanced Tutorials

Paper 001-25 : Ronald P. Cody
Transforming SAS Data Sets Using Arrays

Paper 002-25 : Roger Staum
SAS Formats: Going Beneath the Surface

Paper 003-25 : Neil Howard
Advanced DATA Step Techniques

Paper 004-25 : Arthur L. Carpenter
Using Macro Functions

Paper 005-25 : Andrew H. Karp
Indexing and Compressing SAS Data Sets: How, Why and Why Not

Paper 006-25 : Sigurd W. Hermansen
Notes from the Outer Limits of 4GL RDBMS/SQL: The SAS System to the Rescue

Paper 008-25 : Gary Franklin and Art Jensen
Integrity Constraints and Audit Trails Working Together

Paper 009-25 : Robert Ray
Version 8 Base SAS Performance: How Does It Stack Up?

Paper 010-25 : Derek P. Morgan and Michael A. Province
Building A Better Data Entry Application Using PROC FSEDIT

Paper 011-25 : Jeffrey L. Lessenberry
Uncorking SAS/AF Software Bottlenecks with the SCL Dynamic Performance Analyzer

Paper 013-25 : Greg S. Barnes Nelson
XML and SAS Software: An Advanced Tutorial

Paper 014-25 : LeRoy Bessler
Show Them What's Important: Solutions for a Finite Workday in an Era of Information Overload

Paper 015-25 : Aileen L. Yam
SAS Software and Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Make Beautiful Reports Together

Paper 016-25 : Cheryl Garner
Multiprocessing with Version 8 of the SAS System

Paper 017-25 : Ray Pass
You CAN Get There from Here (and Back Again): Adding Hot-link Drill-down Capabilities to %DS2HTM and %TAB2HTM Output

Paper 018-25 : Matt J. Flynn and Ray Pass
Let There Be Highlights: Data-driven Cell, Row and Column Highlighting in %TAB2HTM and %DS2HTM Output

Paper 019-25 : John W. Laing
Client/Server Setup and Implementation - Web and Non-Web Environments

Paper 020-25 : Robert M. Hamer and Pippa M. Simpson
Mixed-Up Mixed Models: Things That Look Like They Should Work But Don't, and Things That Look Like They Shouldn't Work But Do

Applications Development

Paper 021-25 : Mark T. Stetz
Using SAS Software and Visual Basic for Applications to Automate Tasks in Microsoft Word: An Alternative to Dynamic Data Exchange

Paper 021-25 : Mark T. Stetz
Using SAS Software and Visual Basic for Applications to Automate Tasks in Microsoft Word: An Alternative to Dynamic Data Exchange

Paper 022-25 : Michael A. Mace
Using %WINDOW to Gather User Criteria

Paper 023-25 : LeRoy Bessler
Let Them Have It Their Way: EZFLXRPT, an Interactive Request Interface for Easy and Flexible Ad Hoc Reporting Based on the SAS System

Paper 024-25 : Morgan C. Wang, Joel L. Hartman, and Charles D. Dziuban
A Web-Based Survey System for Distributed Learning Impact Evaluation with the SAS System

Paper 025-25 : Gary L. Mason
Empowering Your End-Users Reporting Potential from SAS/AF Applications with SAS Enterprise Reporter├┤

Paper 026-25 : Kristin Nauta
Implementing Public Sector Performance Management: A Balanced Scorecard Approach

Paper 027-25 : Deborah A. Testa and Russell Holmes
SynCoder: A SAS/AF V7/8 Application for Implementing MedDRA Coding in Clinical Trials

Paper 028-25 : Barry R. Cohen
A Submission Development Environment to Support SAS Programming and Related Activities During Clinical Data Analysis

Paper 029-25 : Paul Nicholson, Deborah Allon, and Estelle A. Gilman
An Application for the Analysis and Visualization of Disease Incidence Data

Paper 030-25 : David L. Wade and Shi-Tao Yeh
Generating Case Report Form Tabulation

Paper 031-25 : Rocha and Paul Hamilton
Creating Case Report Tabulations (CRTs) for an NDA Electronic Submission to the FDAAnita

Paper 032-25 : Peng-fang Yen and Jeff Gudmundson
One Macro Does It All - Advanced Enhancement of PROC REPORT

Paper 033-25 : Dorothy E. Pugh and Jeffrey M. Abolafia
A WYSIWYG Application to Summarize Categorical Variables Using the SAS System

Paper 034-25 : Christopher A. Roper
CATALOGER: An Application Development Tool to Search, Compare, and Document SAS Catalogs and Data Files

Paper 035-25 : Blake R. Sanders and Mikhail Gruzdev
The MDDB Shell Game - Options Not Shown in SAS HELP

Paper 036-25 : Vernee Stevens
SAS Common Metadata and Current Industry Metadata Trends

Paper 037-25 : Greg Silva
Codebook: Taking Another Look at Your Data

Paper 038-25 : Ronald J. Fehd
The Writing for Reading SAS Style Sheet: Tricks, Traps &Tips from SAS-L's Macro Maven

Paper 039-25 : Carl LaChapelle and Tammy Gagliano
Changes and Enhancements to the SAS Component Language (SCL) for Component Development

Paper 040-25 : Andrew B. Ratcliffe
OOP Needs OOA and OOD

Paper 041-25 : Andrew Rosenbaum
(Getting Even) Frame Your Base SAS Programs

Paper 043-25 : Jeffrey M. Abolafia and Lilin She
The International Studies Project: SAS Software Version 7/8 Web Tools To The Rescue

Paper 044-25 : C. Michael Whitney and Leslie Fowler
Motorola's Engineering Data Analysis System: 10 Years of Analytical Excellence

Paper 045-25 : Hung X. Phan
Building an Audit and Tracking System Using SAS/AF Software and SCL

Paper 046-25 : Joe Costanzo and Ben Zenick
From the Analysts to the Executive - Business Visualization and Enterprise Reporting with the SAS System

Paper 048-25 : Stephen M. Englert
Using Batch MVS SAS Software to Send Email Via a UNIX Email Server

Paper 049-25 : Steve Sober
Leveraging Your ERP Investment with the SAS System

Paper 050-25 : Curtis A. Smith
How I Converted a Batch Application System to Client-Server and Lived to Tell About It

Beginning Tutorials

Paper 052-25 : S. David Riba
How to Use the DATA Step Debugger

Paper 053-25 : Ronald P. Cody
The INPUT Statement: Where It's @

Paper 054-25 : Andrew T. Kuligowski
How to Incorporate Old SAS Data into a New DATA Step, or What Is S-M-U?

Paper 055-25 : Marge Scerbo
Arrays: In and Out and All About

Paper 056-25 : JoAnn Matthews
Avoiding Mayhem in the New Millennium: Working with Missing Data

Paper 057-25 : Arthur L. Carpenter
Functioning with DATA Step Functions

Paper 058-25 : Wayne B. Finley
A Beginners Guide to SAS Date and Time Handling

Paper 059-25 : Daphne E. Ewing
Using Macros as a Data Table Generation Tool

Paper 060-25 : Michael G. Sadof
Keeping Your Data in Step - Utilizing Efficiencies

Paper 061-25 : Rosalind K. Gusinow
Introduction to PROC SQL

Paper 062-25 : Dana Rafiee
Web Publishing with SAS Software

Paper 063-25 : Lauren E. Haworth
Anyone Can Learn PROC TABULATE, V2.0

Paper 064-25 : Chris Olinger
ODS for Dummies

Paper 065-25 : Terry Fain and Cyndie Gareleck
Introduction to SAS/FSP Software in Version 8

Paper 066-25 : Steven A. Wilson
Getting Started with Version 8 SAS/AF Software

Paper 067-25 : Meimei Ma and Sandra Schlotzhauer
Fast Track to PROC REPORT Results

Paper 068-25 : Peter R. Welbrock
PROC MEANS: More Than Just Your Average Procedure

Paper 069-25 : Richard Severino
PROC FREQ: It's More Than Counts

Paper 070-25 : Jeff Cartier
Painless Graphics: The Click, Drag &Drop Approach of Graph-N-Go

Coder's Corner

Paper 071-25 : Ming C. Lee
Scrolling and Downloading Web Results

Paper 072-25 : Paul C. Wehr
Creating Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Documents Directly from SAS Software

Paper 073-25 : Delayne H. Stokke
Controlling Print Setup Options from within a Windows SAS Program

Paper 074-25 : Gary Cunningham
An Automated Method to Create a Descriptive Index For a Directory of SAS Programs

Paper 075-25 : Karl L. Jensen and Matthew L. Greathouse
The Autocall Macro Facility in the Microsoft Windows Environment

Paper 076-25 : Kay L. Alden
SAS' Best Kept Secret: Macro Windows for Applications Development

Paper 077-25 : Brian K. Varney
Using Metadata for Data Driven Programming

Paper 078-25 : John M. Piet
Table Lookup on the Fly Using SYMPUT and SYMGET 473

Paper 079-25 : Sylvia C. Tze
A Case-Transforming Macro for More Readable Text 477

Paper 080-25 : Pete Lund
A Macro Utility for Generating Formatted Log Comments 480

Paper 081-25 : Pete Lund
My Favorite Functions: Using the SAS Macro Language to Create User-Written Functions

Paper 082-25 : Matthew T. Downs and Heidi M. Christ-Schmidt
Dynamic Dataset Selection and Project Management using SAS 6.12 and the Windows NT 4.0 File System

Paper 083-25 : Ray Pass
What We Really Need is a %BY Statement - V2

Paper 084-25 : Wayne B. Finley
What Fiscal Year Is This and When Does It Start and End?

Paper 085-25 : Armando V. Fabia
Generating Dates Automatically

Paper 086-25 : Yefim Gershteyn
Use of SPEDIS Function in Finding Specific Values

Paper 087-25 : Amy Roehrig-Swinfor
Advanced SAS String Functions and a Little Recursion Protect Against Run-Time Errors

Paper 088-25 : Paul D. McDonald
The SAS SUBSTR Function - A Beginner's Tutorial

Paper 089-25 : Michael D. Rhoads
Hidden Nuggets in Version 8: New Informats, Formats, and Functions

Paper 090-25 : Wayne F. Woo
Office Pooling with SAS Software

Paper 091-25 : Robert S. Matthews
Let's Play a Game: A SAS Program for Creating a Word Search Matrix

Paper 092-25 : Justina M. Flavin and Arthur L. Carpenter
Taking Control and Keeping It: Creating and Using Conditionally Executable SAS Code

Paper 093-25 : Arthur L. Carpenter
Placing Dates in Your Titles: Do It Dynamically

Paper 094-25 : Robert W. Graebner
Working Efficiently in a Global Environment: Client/Server Processing with SAS/CONNECT Software

Paper 095-25 : Robert J. Nowosielski
Job Control Language and the SAS System for Beginners

Paper 096-25 : Douglas Zirbel
Functioning JCL into a SAS Relational Database Table: Your Portable Tutorial on Character Functions, Plus an MVS Batch Bonus

Paper 097-25 : Christopher A. Roper
Intelligently Launching Excel from SAS Software, using SCL

Paper 098-25 : Christopher A. Roper
Using SAS and DDE to Execute VBA Macros in Excel

Paper 100-25 : Denise Gaskins
Calculating Time Intervals Using RETAIN

Paper 101-25 : Michael A. Raithel
Transferring Your Mainframe SAS Programs to Your PC in Three Easy Steps

Paper 102-25 : Shawn P. Thomas, Brandon L. Welch, and Keely P. Casey
Flexibility in Data Management Through the SAS System

Paper 103-25 : Kimberly J. LeBouton and Tom Rice
Smokin' with UNIX Pipes

Paper 105-25 : Ray Pass
PROC REPORT - Land of the Missing OBS Column

Paper 106-25 : Vicki J. Siemers and Brian F. Nash
Removing Duplicates: PROC SQL Can Help You 'See'

Paper 108-25 : Gregory E. Taylor
Make Room for Me

Paper 109-25 : Timothy J. Harrington
Merges and Joins

Paper 110-25 : Izabella Peszek
How to Customize Axes in PROC GPLOT

Paper 111-25 : Nina L. Werner
Scaling Mount GCHART: Using a MACRO to Dynamically Reset the Scale

Paper 112-25 : Dorothy E. Pugh
A Robust Generalized Axis-scaling Macro

Data Warehousing

Paper 113-25 : Michael K. Nichols, John Zhao, and John D. Campbell
Production-Strength Data Mining Environment for Terabyte-Class Relational Data Warehouses

Paper 114-25 : Ken Wright
New Features in SAS/Warehouse Administrator

Paper 115-25 : Andrew Wilcox and Manoj Kulwal
Efficiency Techniques for Accessing Large Data Files

Paper 116-25 : Hugh G. McCabe
Information Delivery: Exploitation Strategies and Best Practices

Paper 117-25 : Stanley P. Koprowski, Dwight J. Fowler, and Jeffrey S. Barrett
Constructing a Data Warehouse for Pharmacokinetic Data

Paper 118-25 : Mark Moorman
Data Warehouse Design Issues for ERP

Paper 119-25 : C. Olivia Rud
Data Warehousing for Data Mining: A Case Study

Paper 120-25 : Jeff LeSueur
Minimizing Development Risk While Maximizing Warehouse Performance on UNIX Systems

Paper 122-25 : Julia L. Bienias, Woojeong Bang, and Charles L. Owen
Building a System for Uniform Data Access in a Research Environment

Paper 123-25 : Steven D. Beakley
LabOne's Production Reporting Environment - Pre-Historic to Pre-Web

Paper 124-25 : Diane Olson
Power Indexing: A Guide to Using Indexes Effectively In Nashville Releases

Paper 125-25 : George Bukhbinder and Peter Babigian
Riding the Information Wave to Marketing Success: Web Enabled On-Line Analytical Processing from Your Data Warehouse

Paper 126-25 : Phil Rhodes and Faron Kincheloe
Providing Access to a University Data Warehouse via the Web

Paper 127-25 : D. Mikkelsen
Successful Information Delivery: Integrate Your Data Warehouse and Other SAS Applications with Enterprise Reporter Software

Paper 128-25 : Ida Carapelle and Sophie M. De Baets
Implementing a Financial Balance Scorecard on Top of SAP R/3 Using CFO Vision as Interface

Paper 129-25 : Paul M. Dorfman
Private Detectives in a Data Warehouse: Key-Indexing, Bitmapping, and Hashing

Paper 130-25 : Christ D'haeveloose
Building a Data Mart on top of SAP R/3-HR

Paper 131-25 : Dianne L. Rhodes
Migrate to ORACLE? I Need My SAS Software!

Paper 132-25 : Zhuan (John) Xu
Building a Low Cost SAS Data Warehouse on NT Workstation

Paper 133-25 : Ann Weinberger and Matthias Ender
The Power of Hybrid OLAP in a Multidimensional World

Paper 134-25 : Robert A. Rutledge
Data Warehousing for Manufacturing Yield Improvement

Paper 135-25 : Thomas H. Burger and Philip M. Pochon
Warehousing, Metadata, and Object-Based Analysis

Paper 136-25 : Ian J. Sutton
Convert Your Model T into a Ferrari - Unleash the MDDB

Emerging Technologies

Paper 141-25 : Scott Vodicka
Enterprise Integration Technologies - What Is It and What Can It Do for Me?

Paper 142-25 : Gail Kramer and Carol Rigsbee
Enterprise Guide Development: Enterprise Client Software for the Windows Platform

Paper 143-25 : Paul M. Gilbert
Using a SAS/IntrNet Data Browsing Application to Generate SAS Code for Stand-alone Reports

Paper 144-25 : Duane Ressler and Mary Simmons
SAS/MDDB Server: Expanding Open Access to Your OLAP Data

Paper 145-25 : John M. LaBore and Thomas H. Burger
Positioning SAS Software for Corporate Effectiveness

Hands-on Workshops

Paper 146-25 : Kirk Paul Lafler
Efficient SAS Programming Techniques

Paper 147-25 : Ray Pass and Daphne E. Ewing
So You're Still Not Using PROC REPORT. Why Not?

Paper 148-25 : Daphne Ewing and Ray Pass
So Now You're Using PROC REPORT. Is It Pretty and Automated?

Paper 149-25 : Lara K. Bryant, Sally M. Muller, and Ray Pass
ODS, YES! Odious, NO! - An Intro to the SAS Output Delivery System

Paper 152-25 : Daniel E. Bruns
The Power and Simplicity of the TABULATE Procedure

Paper 154-25 : Faith R. Sloan
Introduction to Dynamic Web Publishing

Paper 155-25 : Charles Hallahan
The Time Series Forecasting System

Paper 157-25 : Arthur Carpenter
Want Quick Results? An Introduction to SAS/GRAPH Software

Information Visualization

Paper 158-25 : Harry Maxwell
Graphs in a Minute

Paper 159-25 : Lora D. Delwiche and Susan J. Slaughter
Bringing Rhyme and Reason to Your Data: A Beginner's Guide to Creating Reports that Communicate and Impress

Paper 160-25 : Tom Miron
Not on the Menu..., Visualizing Application Path Choices

Paper 161-25 : Manoj Kulwal
Creating a Point and Click Interface: An Example

Paper 162-25 : Min Yao
A Modular Approach to Case Report Form Tabulation Programming

Paper 163-25 : LeRoy Bessler
Show Them Where It's At: Data Mine the Earth's Surface for Locational Significance of What's Hidden in Your Data Warehouse

Paper 164-25 : Archer Gravely
Achieving Graphical Excellence with SAS/GRAPH Software

Paper 165-25 : Jeffery D. Gilbert
Replaying Graphics with PROC GREPLAY

Paper 166-25 : Curtis A. Smith
Presenting Your Data Easily with Graph-N-Go

Paper 167-25 : Rick M. Mitchell
Forcing SAS/GRAPH Software to Meet My Statistical Needs: A Graphical Presentation of Odds Ratios

Paper 168-25 : Paul D. McDonald
SAS Software and the 80/20 Rule

Paper 170-25 : Michael Friendly
Visualizing Categorical Data: Data, Stories, and Pictures

Paper 171-25 : Dave L. DesJardins
Dead Graphs - RIP (How Interactive Graphical EDA Techniques Markedly Enhance Data Analysis/Display)

Paper 173-25 : Carl LaChapelle and Tammy Gagliano
Migrating Your SAS/AF Frames to the Web

Paper 174-25 : Bryan Wolfe
Building Web Applications with Version 8 SAS/IntrNet Application Dispatcher

Internet, Intranets, and the Web

Paper 175-25 : Ming C. Lee
Security on the Web using SAS/IntrNet Software and HTML

Paper 176-25 : Stephen Heacock
Support System - A Web-Based SAS IntrNet Tabulator

Paper 177-25 : Wing K. Chan and David C. Steven
Using SAS/IntrNet to Teach PROC GCHART Coding

Paper 178-25 : Hsiwei Yu and Chapman Gleason
Dynamic Drillable Map on the Internet Using the Output Delivery System and SAS/GRAPH Software

Paper 180-25 : Thomas Kunselman, Almira A. Lyst, and Donald L. Penix, Jr
To Be or Not to Be? That is the Dynamic Web Page

Paper 181-25 : Lauren E. Haworth
HTML for the SAS Programmer

Paper 182-25 : Derek P. Morgan
The SAS System E-mail Interface: A Case Study

Paper 183-25 : Faith R. Sloan
Introduction to Dynamic Web Publishing

Paper 184-25 : Don Chapman
Middle-Tier Web Exploitation with Java Technologies

Paper 185-25 : Kerril S. Bauerly
Style Sheets, Javascript, and SAS??? Oh, My!

Paper 186-25 : Izabella Peszek
Producing Interactive Internet Presentations in SAS Software

Paper 187-25 : Heather L. Mann, Neel Batey, Paul Butler, Beth Corley, and Pete Bailey
Delivering South Carolina Health and Demographic Information Via the Web Using SAS/IntrNet Software

Paper 189-25 : William J. Montelpare and Moira N. McPherson
Web Interfacing: Merging Statistical Processing


Paper 190-25 : Helen-Jean Talbott
Using a Fuzzy Merge to Combine Customer Performance Information Across Accounts

Paper 191-25 : Neal Musitano Jr.
OS/390 SAS Version 8 Web Gifs and HTML Using ODS and SAS/GRAPH Software and MXG

Paper 192-25 : Diane E. Brown
The Anatomy of a Report: A Macro Driven Approach

Paper 193-25 : Bruce F. Gilsen and Scott Hoenig
SAS User Support and the Intranet: Web Pages, In-house Documentation, and Sample Library

Paper 194-25 : Andrew T. Kuligowski
Pruning the SASLOG - Digging into the Roots of NOTEs, WARNINGs, and ERRORs

Paper 195-25 : Quan Ren
Multiple Users to Update the Same Dataset in the Windows Environment

Paper 196-25 : Robert M. Romero and Heather M. Tavel
Letting Firedrills Put Themselves Out on the Web with SAS Software

Paper 197-25 : Thiru Satchi
Using the Magical Keyword 'INTO:' in PROC SQL

Paper 198-25 : David J. Meade and Scott Lacey
Publishing Statistical Analyses on the Web Using Version 7 of the SAS System

Paper 199-25 : Richard O. Smith and Arthur L. Carpenter
The Lost Art of Annotate

Paper 200-25 : Sunil K. Gupta and Charlie E. Shipp
Utilization of SAS Programs in the Business Environment

Paper 201-25 : Priscilla Van Grevenhof, Kirsten Hall Long, Judith L. Wagner, Ahmed S. Rahman, James M. Naessens, and Roger W. Evans
Bring the Data Warehouse of Standardized Medical Costs to the Web

Paper 202-25 : Jens D. Mikkelsen
Successful Information Delivery: Integrate Your Data Warehouse and Other SAS Applications with Enterprise Reporter Software

Paper 203-25 : Louise S. Hadden
Garbage In, Garbage Out: Does It Have To Be That Way?

Paper 204-25 : Louise S. Hadden
PROC DOC: A SAS Software Prescription for Your Documentation Ills

Paper 205-25 : Paul Johnson
A Randomization Test: Somatic Cell Count Slope Comparisons of 55 California Dairies

Paper 206-25 : Stephen B. Taubman
Procedures for a New SAS Release

Paper 207-25 : Barbara Schneider
Using the SAS System to Visualize Inter-Rater Agreement for Continuous Measurements in Medical Studies

Paper 208-25 : Julie W. Pepe
Legend Options using Multiple Plot Statements

Paper 209-25 : Violeta I. Bartolome and Glenn B. Gregorio
An Interactive Macro Program for Line x Tester Analysis

Paper 210-25 : Shi-Tao Yeh
Using SAS Tabulate HTML Formatter - Web Publishing Tool By Examples

Paper 211-25 : Doug Zirbel
SAS For COBOL (and Other) Programmers: How To

Paper 212-25 : Kinwah Fung
Using SAS Macro to Explore the Contents of a Data Set

Paper 214-25 : Daniel M. McLaren
Deploying the SAS System using Windows NT Server, Terminal Server Edition

Paper 215-25 : Melanie A. Paules, Shi-Tao Yeh, and Pilita R. Canete
Automatically Converting Data Set Specifications

Paper 216-25 : Sean W. Mulvenon, Ronna C. Turner, Barbara J. Ganley, Antoinette R. Thorn, and Kristina A. Fritts Scott
SAS Procedures for Use in Public School Accountability Programs

Paper 217-25 : Kristine Y. Hogarty and Jeffrey D. Kromrey
Robust Effect Size Estimates and Meta-Analytic Tests of Homogeneity

Paper 218-25 : Stuart D. Long and Rebecca Darden
Crude Risk Assessment of Multi-Level Exposures in Epidemiological Studies

Paper 219-25 : Hugh Geary
A String Search Program Which Displays the Whole Line for Each Line Containing the Target String

Paper 220-25 : Brian K. Varney
Making the Transition from College to Industry

Paper 221-25 : Jack Hamilton
The Problem with NODUPLICATES

Paper 222-25 : Paul D. McDonald
f _n_=1 then SET

Paper 223-25 : Jack Hamilton
Work-Arounds for SASWare Ballot Items

Paper 224-25 : William C. Murphy
Everybody Wants Reports in a Spreadsheet: A SAS Macro for Getting There

Paper 225-25 : Lori S. Parsons
Using SAS Software to Perform a Case-Control Match on Propensity Score in an Observational Study

Paper 226-25 : Xiao Ji, Ge Yu, and Jay Cao
Application of SAS Software in the Establishment of a Data Mart for Quality Analysis System in the Metallurgical Industry

Paper 227-25 : Tracy L. Lord and Charles E. Keeler
Analyzing Network Management Data with the SAS System

Paper 228-25 : Wendy B. Dickinson
Envisioning Kinaalda: Navaho Magic, Mystery, and Myth

Paper 229-25 : Kevin P. Kowitz
Variable and Format Consistency - A Macro Approach for Reading in Flat Files

Paper 230-25 : Thiru Satchi and Edgar L. Mounib
Automating the Selection of Controls in Case-Control Studies

Paper 231-25 : Jeff LeSueur
Web Based DSS Development

Paper 232-25 : Robert A. Burnham
GenHTML: A Library for Converting SAS Datasets to HTML Tables

Paper 233-25 : Joseph E. Earley and Jia L. Wang
Cinema and Seasonality: A SAS System PROC X11 Application

Paper 234-25 : Sandra L. Aker
Using KEY= to Perform Table Look-up

Paper 235-25 : Kathryn M. Trinkaus, Paul Thompson, and J. Philip Miller
Using SAS/IntrNet Software to Support Distributed Data Entry

Paper 236-25 : Robert E. Johnson and Hui Liu
Pseudo-Random Numbers: Out of Uniform

Paper 237-25 : Matthew K. Hettinger
Enterprise Application Integration: Integration and Utilization of SAS Products

Paper 238-25 : Linda Tompkins and Arlene B. Siller
Analyzing Complex Sample Survey Data: A New Beginning

Paper 240-25 : Steven D. Beakley
LabOne's Production Reporting Environment - Post-Web

Paper 241-25 : Andy Mauromoustakos
Analysis of Environmental Data Using JMP

Paper 242-25 : Fang Dong, Brian K. Rosson, Richard Synowiec, and Lorraine Dunn
Standard Reporting System for Phase I Clinical Trials

Professional Development and User Support

Paper 243-25 : Judy Loren
People Smarts for Career Growth

Paper 244-25 : Linda Althouse
Test Development: Ten Steps to a Valid and Reliable Certification Exam

Paper 245-25 : Neil Howard
The Ultimate Match Merge: Hiring the Best SAS Programmers

Paper 246-25 : Michael G. Sadof and Larry W. Lutz
Developing a Corporate Plan for Training and Retaining SAS Programmers

Paper 247-25 : Sunil K. Gupta
Preparing the SAS Software Programming Environment for Regulatory Submission

Paper 248-25 : Roderick A. Rose and Sally S. Muller
Teaching SAS Web Publishing in a Web Environment

Paper 249-25 : Ian Whitlock
A Personal View of SAS-L as a Teaching Tool

Paper 250-25 : James J. Ashton, Sean M. Gargan, and Dee Stribling
How to Get the Online Information You Need - An Overview of ' What's Where' for Help, CD, Online Tutor, and on the Web

Paper 251-25 : Bruce F. Gilsen
In-house SAS User's Guides: Site-Specific Information and Conversion Guides

Paper 252-25 : Yakov Guralnik, Dan Kaplanski, and Helena Briskin
SAS Interactive Handbook - a SAS User's Lifebelt

Statistics and Data Analysis

Paper 253-25 : Mel Widawski
Detecting Curvilinear Relationships in PROC REG

Paper 254-25 : Bob Derr
Performing Exact Logistic Regression with the SAS System

Paper 255-25 : Andrew H. Karp
Getting Started with PROC LOGISTIC

Paper 256-25 : Ernest S. Shtatland, Sara L. Moore, and Mary B. Barton
Why We Need an R-Square Measure of Fit (and Not Only One) In PROC LOGISTIC and PROC GENMOD

Paper 257-25 : Christopher S. Andrews
A Methodology for Customer Segmentation Using Existing Product Category Schemes and the SAS System

Paper 258-25 : David Izrael, Michael P. Battaglia, and David C. Hoaglin
A SAS Macro for Balancing a Weighted Sample

Paper 259-25 : Jeff A. Sloan, Charles L. Loprinzi, and Paul J. Novotny
Design and Analysis of Cancer Control Studies via the SAS System

Paper 260-25 : John A. Wass
Product Development and Applied Research: A Formal Approach Using SAS and JMP Software

Paper 261-25 : David J. Pasta
Using Propensity Scores to Adjust for Group Differences: Examples Comparing Alternative Surgical Methods

Paper 262-25 : G. Bruce Schaalje, Chris H. Bodily, and Bruce J. Collings
Custom Design of Complicated Block Experiments

Paper 263-25 : Mark Carpenter and Pandu P. Kulkarni
Improved Confidence Interval on the Mean Response in Simple Linearizable Regression

Paper 264-25 : Catherine C. Hood
SAS Programs to Get the Most from X-12-ARIMA's Modeling and Seasonal Adjustment Diagnostics

Paper 265-25 : John Castelloe
Sample Size Computations and Power Analysis with the SAS System

Paper 266-25 : Mic Lajiness
Using Enterprise Miner to Explore and Exploit Drug Discovery Data

Paper 267-25 : Yang Yuan
Multiple Imputation for Missing Data: Concepts and New Development

Paper 268-25 : Michael Friendly
Multidimensional Arrays in SAS/IML Software

Paper 269-25 : Lawrence C. Marsh
Correcting for Missing Discrete Responses in Business Surveys

Paper 270-25 : Robert G. Downer
A Primer in Spatial Simulation with PROC SIM2D

Paper 272-25 : Tyler C. Smith
Calculating the Probability of Hospitalization as a Function of Time, An Application of Cox's Proportional Hazards Modeling

Paper 273-25 : Patricia B. Cerrito and George R. Barnes
The Use of Kernel Density Estimators to Monitor Protocol Compliance

Paper 274-25 : Ali Emrouznejad
An Extension to SAS/OR Software for Decision System Support

Paper 275-25 : Jean G. Orelien, Jun Zhai, and Richard Morris
Multiple Comparisons with a Control in GEE Models

Paper 276-25 : George A. Milliken, Annie L. Dudley, and John Sall
Mixed Models Analysis Using JMP Software 4.0

Paper 277-25 : Inna Perevozskaya and Olga M. Kuznetsova
Modeling Longitudinal Growth Data and Growth Percentiles with Polynomial Gompertz Model in SAS Software

Paper 278-25 : Sofia Paul
Linear and Non-linear Modeling of a Dose-Response

Paper 279-25 : Minbo Kim
Qualitative and Limited Dependent Variable Models using the New QLIM Procedure

Systems Architecture

Paper 280-25 : Gary Mehler
Taking Advantage of the SAS System on the Windows Platform

Paper 281-25 : Joseph Mirabal and Zhengyu Wang
Using SAS Software for Exception Analysis of Sybase Performance

Paper 282-25 : Peter Parker
Optimizing SAS Software on Windows NT: A Guide to Performance Tuning Your Applications Server

Paper 283-25 : John E. Bentley
An Introduction Parallel Computing

Paper 284-25 : S. David Riba
Extending the Data Warehouse: An Introduction to OLE DB

Paper 285-25 : Jack Hamilton
Using SAS Under OpenVMS at First Health

Paper 286-25 : Jeffrey L. Lessenberry
Master Your Domain: Automated Software Distribution in a Client/Server Environment

Paper 287-25 : Paul D. McDonald
SAS Administration-Making Your Ship Go

Paper 288-25 : Greg S. Barnes Nelson
Messaging Systems: SAS Tools for Internet-Based Communications

Paper 290-25 : Michael A. Raithel
Summarizing Impossibly Large SAS Data Sets for the Data Warehouse Server Using Horizontal Summarization

Paper 291-25 : Curtis A. Smith
By Hook or By Crook: Overcoming Resource Limitations

Paper 292-25 : Dave Crow
Taking Advantage of the SAS System on the OS/390 Platform

Paper 293-25 : Udo Schmitt
Configuring and Optimizing Scalable Performance Data Server on HP-UX - A Performance Achievement

Paper 294-25 : Clarke Thacher
Tuning the SAS System for UNIX and Tuning UNIX for the SAS System

Paper 296-25 : Kirk Paul Lafler
Creating HTML Output with Output Delivery System