SAS Global Forum Proceedings / SUGI 24 1999

Paper 001-24: Thomas E. Link, Pranav K. Patel, M. Arthur Alexander, and Thomas A. Dessen
    Out of the Mainframe & Into the Web: The Trials and Tribulations of Porting SAS Mainframe Applications to the Web

Paper 002-24: Bernd E. Imke
    Improving SAS Data Access — An Evolutionary Experience (From Input Statements to Data Forms)

Paper 003-24: Bernd E. Imke
    Improving SAS Data Access — An Evolutionary Experience (From Input Statements to Data Forms)

Paper 004-24: Tammy Gagliano and Sue Her
    SAS Component Object Model (SCOM) in Version 7 SAS/AF Software

Paper 005-24: Annie S. Guo
    SAS RDBMS!A GUI Approach to Data Entry Using SAS/AF Software Enforced with Relational Model Integrity Constraints from ORACLE

Paper 006-24: Jeffrey Morrison, Futian Shi, and Timothy Lee
    An Interactive GUI Front-End for a Credit Scoring Modeling System

Paper 007-24: Christopher A. Roper and Michael Gilman
    Cataloger: An Applications Development Tool to Search, Compare, and Document SAS Catalogs and Data Files

Paper 008-24: Chris Bailey and Karl Moss
    Distributing SAS/AF Models with Java Clients

Paper 009-24: Anthony M. Cavaliere and Shi-Tao Yeh
    Annotated Case Report Form Automation System

Paper 010-24: C. Michael Whitney
    Taming the Chaos: Managing Large SAS/AF Applications Using Programming Standards and the Source Code Manager of Version 7 of the SAS System

Paper 011-24: Daniel Kohn and David Kuh
    A SAS/AF Application for Parallel Extraction, Transformation, and Scoring of a Very Large Database

Paper 012-24: Curtis A. Smith
    A How I Converted a Batch Application System to Client-Server and Lived to Tell About It

Paper 013-24: LeRoy Bessle
    Strong Smart Systems: Software-Intelligent Development for Reliable, Reusable, Extendable, Maintainable Applications

Paper 014-24: Hung X. Pha
    Building a Data Entry and Correction System by Synchronizing the Data Table and the Data Form

Paper 015-24: Donald A. Schroeder and Timothy A. Kenney
    Using Base SAS Tools and the SAS Macro Language to Automate Incoming Data Processing for a Complex Scheduling System

Paper 016-24: Pat Herbert
    Distributed Applications with SAS/AF Software on Client and Server

Paper 017-24: Morgan C. Wang
    An On-line Analytical System for Corrosion Pitting Analysis for Solid Rocket Booster with the SAS System

Paper 018-24: Joyce C. Zandee and Paul J. Lewis
    See Ya CLIST: Migration of SAS Applications from the IBM Mainframe to the Web

Paper 019-24: Marty Tomasi
    Adding Help and other User Assistance to SAS/AF Applications

Paper 020-24: Steven A. Wilson
    An Application Developer's Roadmap for Moving to Version 7 in SAS/AF

Paper 021-24: Ray Pass
    And All With the Push of a Button!

Paper 022-24: Christopher A. Roper
    Data Tables: Highlighting Techniques

Paper 023-24: Aileen L. Yam
    Automating the Production of Customized Powerpoint Presentation Graphs by Integrating the Funtionality of SAS Software with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications

Paper 024-24: Jeffrey L. Lessenberry
    Uncorking SAS/AF Bottlenecks with the SCL Dynamic Performance Analyzer

Paper 025-24: Sarah L. Mitchell and Michael Gilman
    Find2000: A Search Tool to Find Date-Related Strings in SAS

Paper 026-24: Michael C. Harris
    Using the SAS System and Dynamic Data Exchange to Populate Microsoft Word Documents with Text, Tables, and Graphs

Paper 027-24: Danielle Davis and Donald Chapman
    Developing Data-Driven, Task-Oriented SAS Powered Programs in Java

Paper 028-24: Keith M. Gregg and Yefim Gershteyn
    Checking and Tracking SAS Programs Using SAS Software

Paper 029-24: Barry R. Cohen
    The Pharmaceutical Program-Analyze-Write-Review Process and a SAS Program Development Environment to Support It.

Paper 030-24: Michael L. Davis and Adam Terr
    Driving to Better Credit Policies: The Risk Strategy Instrument Panel

Paper 031-24: Charles W. Bininger
    An Object-Oriented Approach to File Management within a SAS/AF Application

Paper 032-24: Juli Yaguda and Jens D. Mikkelsen
    Extending the Power of Your SAS System Applications with Enterprise Reporter Software

Paper 033-24: Dan J. Kirpes
    Building a 'Pre-subsetting' User Interface for Multidimensional Reports

Paper 034-24: Zhuan (John) Xu
    Easy Interface for SAS — A SAS Application on the Windows Platform

Paper 035-24: David M. Hartman
    TAP into SAS/Frame Technology

Paper 036-24: Irene Zhao
    An Example of Using SAS/AF Data Table Class in Reviewing Clinical SAS Data Sets

Paper 037-24: Michael G. Sadof
    Keeping Your Data in Step - Utilizing Efficiencies.

Paper 038-24: Arthur L. Carpenter
    Macro Quoting Functions, Other Special Character Masking Tools, and How To Use Them

Paper 039-24: Bob Virgil
    So You're Running Out of Sort Work Space... Reducing the Resources Used by PROC SORT

Paper 040-24: Ian Whitlock
    Code or Data?

Paper 041-24: Michael L. Davis and Gregory S. Barnes Nelson
    No Program Is An Island: Passing Parameters To Tasks Launched by Servers and Schedulers

Paper 042-24: Cheryl Garner
    How to Use Version 7 Features to Optimize the Distributed Capabilities of SAS Software

Paper 043-24: Cyndie Gareleck and Rodger Madison
    Using SAS/CONNECT Software in A Multi-Platform Environment

Paper 044-24: Ben T. Cochran
    Using the SAS/MDDB and User Written Methods to Enhance SAS/EIS Objects

Paper 045-24: Andrew H. Karp
    Indexing and Compressing SAS Data Sets: How, Why and Why Not

Paper 046-24: Malachy J. Foley
    Fuzzy Merges: Examples and Techniques

Paper 047-24: Neil Howard
    Advanced DATA Step Topics

Paper 048-24: Ronald P. Cody
    Transforming SAS Data Sets Using Arrays

Paper 049-24: Sigurd W. Hermansen
    Relational Database Schemes and SAS Software SQL Solutions

Paper 050-24: Christopher A. Roper
    SQL Query Window Classes: How to Incorporate the SQL Column Expression Builder Class In Custom SAS/AF Applications

Paper 051-24: Lewis Church
    Performance Enhancements to PROC SQL in Version 7 of the SAS System

Paper 052-24: Janet E. Stuelpner
    What Your Mother Never Told You About the Query Window

Paper 053-24: Andrew T. Kuligowski
    Advanced Methods to Introduce External Data into the SAS System

Paper 054-24: LeRoy Bessler
    Show Them What's Important: Solutions for a Finite Workday in an Era of Information Overload

Paper 055-24: Derek P. Morgan and Michael Province
    Building A Better Data Entry Application Using PROC FSEDIT

Paper 056-24: Chris Olinger
    Twisty Turny Passages, All Alike — ODS Templates Exposed

Paper 057-24: Neil Howard
    Introduction to SAS Functions

Paper 058-24:Andrew H. Karp
    Working with SAS Date and Time Functions

Paper 059-24:J. Meimei Ma and Sandra Schlotzhauer
    How and When to Use WHERE

Paper 060-24:Bob Virgile
    Changing the Shape of Your Data: PROC TRANSPOSE vs. Arrays

Paper 061-24:Bill Fehlner
    Making the Output Delivery System (ODS) Work for You

Paper 062-24:Lauren E. Haworth
    Anyone Can Learn PROC TABULATE

Paper 063-24:Ian Whitlock
    Getting Started with Macro

Paper 064-24:Terry Fain and Cyndie Gareleck
    Introduction to SAS/FSP Software in Version 7

Paper 065-24:Phil A. Mason
    Introduction to SAS/GRAPH

Paper 066-24:David E. Beam
    An Introduction to PROC SQL

Paper 067-24:Frank C. DiIorio
    The SAS Debugging Primer

Paper 068-24:Alan C. Wilson and Marge Scerbo
    Dealing with Health Care Data using the SAS System

Paper 069-24:Bruce Bovill
    First Steps in Building SAS Applications

Paper 070-24:Clinton S. Rickards
    Reading External Files Using SAS Software

Paper 071-24:S. David Riba
    The DATA Statement: Efficiency Techniques

Paper 072-24:Bruce F. Gilsen
    SAS Program Efficiency for Beginners

Paper 073-24:Christine A. Smiley
    Working with Dates in SAS Software

Paper 074-24:Tamara M. Hagemeier and Yue-Hwa C. Chang
    Use PROC SQL to Collapse Cells - It's Easy

Paper 075-24:WeiQin Pan
    The Supplement of the COMPARE Procedure

Paper 076-24:David L. Ward
    Managing SAS Programs

Paper 077-24:Philip R. Holland
    Why Not Use SAS/PRESENTS Software Instead...?

Paper 078-24:Donald W. Peterson and John R. Gerlach
    User-Specified Text Flow Inside the Report Procedure

Paper 079-24:David R. Trenery
    Font Control with the REPORT Procedure

Paper 080-24:David R. Trenery
    Jazzing up Your Reports — Some Tricks with PROC REPORT

Paper 081-24:Diane Nicholson and Kelly Felty
    The Power of PAGEOF (A Valuable Page Numbering Macro)

Paper 082-24:Donald W. Peterson
    Customized Pagination Using %PAGEOFNO Macro

Paper 083-24: Hsiwei (Michael) Yu and Chapman P. Gleason
    Using Sockets in SAS Software for Internet Publishing

Paper 084-24: Hsiwei (Michael) Yu
    SAS/GRAPH Software via RSUBMIT for Web Browser

Paper 085-24: Heather M. Tavel
    Managing Your SAS Web Applications by Using Web Page Counters Created Through SAS/IntrNet Software

Paper 086-24: Jennifer M. Lin
    A Macro Tool to Search and Replace Portions of Text

Paper 087-24: Fan Xu
    Two Macros to Compute the Median for a List of Variables

Paper 088-24: Philip J. d'Almada
    Mini Macros for Major Management of Longitudinal Data

Paper 089-24: Leiming Li
    A Process for Automatically Retrieving Database using ODBC and SAS/ACCESS SQL Procedure Pass-Through Facility

Paper 090-24: S. Patrick Thornton
    Automated Input Interface for SAS Batch-Mode Processing

Paper 091-24: Linda Gau
    Using SAS Software Windows to Dynamically Manage Your Routine Programs

Paper 092-24: Quan Ren
    Designing User Interface by Using the Macro Facility

Paper 094-24: Danielle Gao
    Efficiency Techniques: SQL vs. Retain Variables

Paper 095-24: Michael A. Raithel
    What Sort of Input Should You Input to a Sort?

Paper 096-24: Christine A. Smiley
    A Fast Format Macro — How to Quickly Create a Format by Listing the Endpoints

Paper 097-24: Robert M. Romero
    PROC FORMAT Provides Efficient Current Descriptions of Codes in Large Tables

Paper 098-24: Janet E. Stuelpner

Paper 099-24: Randy A. Hirscher
    The SDQZ-Pipe Technique: Doing More With Less, Faster and Cheaper Reading UNIX-compressed SAS Data Sets Directly in a Data

Paper 100-24: David D. Chapman
    A Simple SAS/AF Program to Manage SAS/CONNECT Sessions

Paper 101-24: Curtis A. Smith
    Dynamically Creating a Where Statement

Paper 102-24: Kirk P. Lafler
    Using VIEWTABLE in SAS/AF Applications to View and Edit SAS Tables

Paper 103-24: Robert S. Matthews
    Using SAS/AF Software to Create Data Entry Screens with Multiple Comment Fields Allowing for Unlimited Amounts of Text in Each Field

Paper 104-24: Jeanne M. Spicer
    Delivering Geographic Information Part II: Just Click My Map Object

Paper 105-24: Li Yuan and Bill Zhang
    Presenting Multi-Level Information in One Plot by Dynamically Generating the PLOT Statement

Paper 106-24: Marina V. Kungurtseva
    Generate Data Listings for a New Drug Application in 5 Minutes as a Part of Automated Report System

Paper 108-24: Irving A. Dark
    Concomitant Medications: What a Programmer Needs to Know

Paper 109-24: Patty J. Keys
    Language Interpretation of Prescription Label Sigs: Computing Daily Consumptions in Medication Compliance Studies

Paper 110-24: Curtis A. Smith
     Constructing a Data Warehouse

Paper 111-24: Kim Foster
     Knowledge Management-Integrated Solutions for Information Delivery

Paper 112-24: Hugh G. McCabe
     Data Warehousing and Information Delivery: Success and Failure in Managed Care

Paper 113-24: Stuart Levine and Marge Scerbo
     A Health Care Claims Data Mart: Construction and Exploitation

Paper 114-24: Tony Brown, Leigh Ihnen, and Jim Craig
     Large Scale Data Warehousing with the SAS System

Paper 115-24: M. Kumar Sagar and Himanshu Raval
     Data Warehousing in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare: An Industry Perspective

Paper 116-24: Robert A. Rutledge, Linda H. Tai, and Garth W. Helf
Just Enough Database for Manufacturing Yield Analysis

Paper 117-24: Jugdish Mistry and John Finianos
Practical Tips and Techniques for Building an Enterprise Data Warehouse in an IBM Mainframe Environment

Paper 118-24: Richard J. Nicola
Data Warehousing on a Shoestring

Paper 119-24: Nina Du Thaler and Alexander Stefan
Using Decision Support Services to Fight Crime

Paper 120-24: Drury Jenkins
CRM 101:Maximizing Return on Investment with the SAS Solution for CRM

Paper 121-24: Marge Scerbo
The ABCs of MDDBs

Paper 122-24: Ida R. Carapelle
Using SAS Software as a Decision Support System on Top of SAP FI Financial Accounting Module

Paper 123-24: Michael Burns
Administering OLAP with SAS/Warehouse Administrator

Paper 124-24: Jonathan Stokes
What's All This Metadata Good For, Anyway? Using Metadata to Dynamically Generate SQL

Paper 125-24: Amitava Ghosh
MDDB Support in Scalable Performance Data Server 2.5

Paper 126-24: Peter R. Welbrock
Adding Extensions to the SAS/Warehouse Administrator

Paper 127-24: Jerry Kagan and Paul Kallukaran
Data Mining at IMS Health, How We Turned a Mountain of Data into a Few Information-rich Molehills

Paper 128-24: Patricia B. Cerrito, Kelly McMasters, and Vicki Viar
An Investigation of Quality-of-Life Issues in Patient Treatment Using Enterprise Miner

Paper 129-24: Pieter J. Venter
The SAS Data Warehouse and Data Integration in SASOL Synthetic Fuels

Paper 130-24: Beverly Dudley
HR Vision Software — A Decision Support System for Human Resource Professionals

Paper 131-24: Sy J. Truong and Kathy Boussina
Automating the Management of a Data Warehouse

Paper 132-24: Jay Jacob Wind, Chapman P. Gleason, Michael Yu, Kamau Njuguna, and Myles Powers
EPA's SAS Analytic Library on the Web

Paper 133-24: Gail S. Davidson
How and Why a SAS Data Warehouse Is Used to Manage the 2000 Decennial Census

Paper 134-24: Diane E. Brown
Web Enabled Graphics with a SAS Data Warehouse

Paper 135-24: Eric Hunley, Craig RubendaII
Unlocking SAP AG R/3 Data with the SAS System

Paper 136-24: Thomas Cox
What's Up with OLE DB?

Paper 137-24: Shirin A. Ahmed and Kimberly D. Yarbrough
SAS Software MDDBs Solve Real-World Problems for 1997 Economic Census

Paper 138-24: Daniel Morris
Visualising Large Data Volumes with SAS/MDDB Server, SAS/CONNECT Software, SAS/EIS Software and the HOLAP Add-Ins

Paper 139-24: Mark Moorman
The Art of Designing HOLAP Databases

Paper 140-24: Catherine A. Phipps
Integrating SAS Products Using Common Metadata

Paper 141-24: Steve Jenisch, Chip Kelly, and Mark Gass
SAS Integration Technologies Overview

Paper 142-24: Brad Klenz and Donna Fulenwider
The Quality Data Warehouse - Solving Problems for the Enterprise

Paper 143-24: Richard Carson
Generating and Using Name Keys for Fuzzy Matches: Calling a Third Pary Dynamic Link Library as a Module in the SAS System

Paper 144-24: Duane Ressler, Randy Pierce, and Mark Moorman
OLE DB for OLAP: SAS Institute Leading the Way

Paper 145-24: Linda P. Atkinson
An Introduction to SAS/ASSIST Software

Paper 146-24: Ray Pass and Daphne E. Ewing
So You're Still Not Using PROC REPORT. Why Not?

Paper 147-24: Daphne E. Ewing and Ray Pass
So Now You're Using PROC REPORT. Is it Pretty and Automated?

Paper 149-24: Jay A. Jaffe
SAS Macros: Beyond the Basics

Paper 150-24: Marje Fecht
Getting Started with the Latest Features of SAS/AF Software

Paper 152-24: Dan E. Bruns
The Power and Simplicity of the TABULATE Procedure

Paper 153-24: Thomas J. Winn, Jr.
Advanced Features of PROC TABULATE

Paper 154-24: Gail Kramer, Carol Rigsbee, John Toebes, and Jeff Polzin
Enterprise Client Software for the Windows Platform

Paper 155-24: Larry Hoyle and Mickey Waxman
SAS webAF for Java Application Development, a First Sip

Paper 156-24: Jennifer Clegg
The Nashville Release of the SAS System for Windows

Paper 157-24: David E. Beam
An Introduction to PROC SQL

Paper 158-24: Caroline Bahler, Sarah A. Calhoun, and Emily O. Kistner
Essentials for Static and Dynamic Web Publishing — SAS HTML Formatting

Paper 159-24: Charles Hallahan and Renee Samy
The Time Series Forecasting System

Paper 160-24: Robin Way
Using SAS/INSIGHT Software as an Exploratory Data Mining Platform

Paper 161-24: Jack N. Shoemaker
Robust Outlier Identification using SAS

Paper 162-24: Terry D. Allen
Using SAS/GRAPH Software to Detect Fraud in the Utah Medicaid Program

Paper 163-24: Flavio G. Addolorato and Silvia Pacei
Behind Marketing Data

Paper 164-24: Alan J. Rinkus and Charles K. Skee
Data Visualization from a Financial Services Perspective

Paper 165-24: John E. Bentley
14 Steps to a Good GUI

Paper 166-24: John A. Quarantillo
GUI KISSes: Tips and Strategies for Interface Design

Paper 167-24: Jeffery D. Gilbert
Customizing SAS Graphs Using the Annotate Facility and Global Statements

Paper 168-24: Arthur L. Carpenter
Using ANNOTATE Macros as Shortcuts

Paper 169-24: Archer R. Gravely
Achieving Graphical Excellence with SAS/GRAPH Software

Paper 170-24: Peter Parker
Too Many Pixels: A User's Guide to Incomprehensible Web Sites, Charts, Graphs and Other Presentations

Paper 171-24: C. Olivia Rud
Statistical Presentations Using the Power of PROC TABULATE

Paper 172-24: Julie Maddox, John Wimmer, and Billy Dunn
CFO Vision at Centra Health, A Successful Partnership

Paper 173-24: Barry Hicks, Rob Stephens, Sanford Gayle, and Jack Bulkley
Adding the Where to the Who

Paper 174-24: Stewart L. Fossceco
The SAS ADX Interface - Designing the Future

Paper 175-24: Dave L. DesJardins, Denise Golumbaski
How New Graphical EDA Techniques Can Reveal Hidden Relationships Between the Criminal Behavior of Federal Prisoners and Their Thinking Patterns

Paper 176-24: Edward A. Tasch
Reporting Multidimensional Data on the Web using SAS/GRAPH and SAS/IntrNet Software

Paper 177-24: William E. Adams
Beyond the Printed Page

Paper 178-24: Dave Horne and Don Henderson
Deploying Existing SAS/EIS and SAS/AF Software Applications to the Web

Paper 179-24: Gregory S. Barnes Nelson
Extending the Life of Your SAS/AF Application: Exploiting the Model- V iewer Paradigm

Paper 180-24: Thomas H. Burger, Richard W. Tucker, and John M. LaBore
Design and Deployment of a W eb Application Using SAS/IntrNet

Paper 181-24: Barbara Walters and Donald Chapman
Comparison of CGI and Java Technology Provided in SAS/IntrNet Software

Paper 182-24: Lauren E. Haworth
HTML for the SAS Programmer

Paper 183-24: Gregory A. Ashley
The Web Enablement of the SESUG 97 Registration Process and Other Applications: Perl or the SAS Application Dispatcher?

Paper 184-24: Marv Lindsey
Using SAS Software to Report on Academic Performance via the World Wide Web

Paper 185-24: Stacy Buffington and Doyle McDonald
Collecting Data Vi a the Internet with SAS/IntrNet and SAS/SHARE Software

Paper 186-24: Faith R. Sloan
SAS Software and the W orld Wide W eb: Simplified

Paper 187-24: Kent E. Nicholas
Using SAS Software to Provide Dynamic Web-enabled Reporting in the UNIX Environment

Paper 188-24: Tom Ivons
Web Enabled Government Billing Using SAS/IntrNet Software

Paper 189-24: David J. Caira and Himesh Patel
Using SAS/GRAPH Software to Create Graphs on the Web

Paper 190-24: David Kelley and Sandy McNeill
Getting Stylish with V ersion 7 Base Reporting

Paper 191-24: Clare Somerville and Colin Harris
Web Enabling a Large Data Warehouse: Improved Metadata for Expert Analysts and Wider Access to Management Information

Paper 192-24: Jim McNealy and Dawn Amos
Web-Based Reporting and T ools Used in the QA Process for the SAS System

Paper 193-24: Sarah A. Calhoun, Sally S. Muller, and Emily O. Kistner
Tools for Dynamic W eb Publishing

Paper 194-24: Kerril S. Bauerly
Intranet Security and SAS Software: A Brute Force Approach

Paper 195-24: Kerril S. Bauerly
Intranet Security and SAS Software: A Sneaky Approach to Dynamic Applications

Paper 196-24: Faith R. Sloan and Larry Bramblett
Rocky Mountain Web: Telecom Network Interconnection Quality Measurements

Paper 197-24: Steven D. Beakley
Project Request and Tracking Using SAS/IntrNet Software

Paper 198-24: Robert Schechter
Considerations for Creating and Maintaining a Home Page Oriented with the SAS System

Paper 199-24: Edward Aronov
From Prediction to Validation: Who Understands the Past, Controls the Future (Time Series)

Paper 200-24: Phil Busby
Three Advanced Data Management T echniques

Paper 201-24: William J. Coar
A Batch System with Windows 95

Paper 202-24: Bing Deng
Three Methods to Produce Descriptive Statistics and Histogram Using SAS

Paper 203-24: Richard L. Downs, Jr. and Pura A. Perez
A Simple Framework for Sequentially Processing Hierarchical Data Sets for Large Surveys

Paper 204-24: Joseph Earley
Testing for Heteroscedasticity in the Multivariate ENSO Index Using PROC AUTOREG

Paper 205-24: George C.J. Fernandez
Data Exploration Made Easy

Paper 206-24: David M. Gardner
From MACRO to SAS/AF Software: A Case Study of the Evolution of an Application

Paper 207-24: Karl Glaser
Use of Multivariate Techniques to Solve an Urgent, Real-Life Problem in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Paper 209-24: Anne Horney and Gail Kirk
Automating the Production of Clinical Trial Data Tables

Paper 210-24: David Izrael and David Russo
Transforming Multiple-record Data into Single-record Format When Number of Variables is Large

Paper 211-24: Jiang Jin
A Taste of SAS New Enhancements

Paper 212-24: Wen Lin
Randomly Download Data from DB2 Database on Mainframe to SAS Data Set on RISC/6000 via SAS

Paper 214-24: Thalene Mallus
Telecommuting: The Workplace of the 90's

Paper 215-24: George Matthews
Using ARRAYs: The Basics

Paper 216-24: Irene Mendelson
SAS/FSP Software: T ricking the Small Screen into Imitating Life

Paper 217-24: G Neal Musitano
User Experience SAS/GRAPH Charts & Plots Using MX

Paper 218-24: Stephen M. Noga
A Maintenance-Free Menu Drive Closure System

Paper 219-24: Quan Ren
New PROC REPO R T Procedure - An Enhanced PROC REPORT

Paper 220-24: Thiru Satchi
An SQL List Macro to Retrieve Data from Large SAS/DB2 Databases

Paper 221-24: Pippa M. Simpson, Robert M. Hamer, and Shelly Y. Lensing
Cross Crossover Studies Off Your List

Paper 222-24: Richard O. Smith and Arthur L. Carpenter
The Use of External Software to Import Data into the SAS System

Paper 223-24: Helen-Jean Talbott
Using SAS/FSP Software and a Two-Dimensional Array to Manage Distribution of Monthly Production Reports

Paper 224-24: Stephen B. Taubman
Some Questions and Solutions from a SAS Help Desk

Paper 225-24: David R. Trenery
A Table Production System That Meets the Challenges of Tomorrow Using SAS/AF Software and the Report Procedure

Paper 226-24: Amy C. Young and Sharon X. Zhou
Using SAS Macro to Include Statistics Output in Clinical Trial Summary Table

Paper 227-24: Zhang Yaochun
Realizing Baosteel's Technology & Quality Data Warehouse Based on SAS

Paper 228-24: LeRoy Bessler
Visual Communication Art & Science: The Design Guide and Gallery for Clear, Convincing Graphs, Tables, Maps, and Text

Paper 229-24: Cathy L. Brinsfield
Designing Accessible Help Systems

Paper 230-24: Anne I. Brooks and Roger Thompson
Project RAPTOR: Implementation and Exploitation of a Manufacturing Data Warehouse

Paper 231-24: Samuel D. Calhoun
A SAS System: From CD to GIS Maps

Paper 232-24: Paul M. Dorfman
Alternative Approach to Sorting Arrays and Strings: Tuned DATA Step Implementations of Quicksort and Distribution Counting

Paper 233-24: Robert G. Downer and Mark C. Benfield
Fitting a Multisource Regression Model with Random Slopes, A Fisheries Application of SAS PROC MIXED

Paper 234-24: Ronald J. Fehd
%FREQ1VAR: Frequency of One Variable with Format: a Macro to Standardize PROC FREQ Output Data Sets

Paper 235-24: Jack E. Fuller
Programming Idioms Using the SET Statement

Paper 236-24: Robert W. Graebner
Study Design with SAS: Estimating Power with Monte Carlo Methods

Paper 237-24: Deborah J. Harper, Nancy Brucken, and Christopher Makowski
Developing Standardized Requirements, Specifications and Programs for Clinical Trials Reports

Paper 238-24: Kris Y. Hogarty and Jeffrey D. Kromrey
Using SAS Software to Calculate Tests of Cliffs Delta

Paper 239-24: Bernd E. Imken
The Use of DATA FORMS, TABLES and Other New Objects in SAS/AF Software

Paper 240-24: Scott M. Jordan and Muhammad Zaman
Using SAS Macros to Develop Confidence Intervals for the Weibull and Extreme Value Distributions Using Type II Censored Data

Paper 241-24: Jeffrey D. Kromrey, Cynthia G. Parshall, Walter M. Chason, and Qing Yi
Generating Item Responses Based on Multidimensional Item Response Theory

Paper 242-24: Richard D. Langston
Betcha Didn't Know

Paper 243-24: Connie Li and James Sun
Graphically Exploring Multidimensional Data in a Web Browser — Using New Features from SAS/GRAPH Software

Paper 244-24: Julie K. Lindeman, Robert M. Romero, and Heather M. Tavel
Putting Executive Scorecards on the Web with SAS

Paper 245-24: David J. Meade and Scott Lacey
Using Macros to Construct Overlaid Contour Plots for Response Surface Optimization

Paper 246-24: Joseph M. Mirabal and Zhengyu Wang
Using SAS Software to Analyze Sybase Performance on the Web

Paper 247-24: Alexander Pakalniskis, Davidson Bruce, Alein Chun, and Gail P. Grant
Using SAS/GRAPH to Compare Physician Practice

Paper 248-24: Jeff P. Palmer
A Generalized Rounding Alternative

Paper 249-24: Marc H. Schlessel
Using SAS/FSP Software for Ad Hoc Reporting

Paper 250-24: Barbara Schneider
How to Display Correlated ROC Curves with the SAS System

Paper 251-24: Jingren Shi and Shiling Zhang
Submitting a Batch SAS Job within the Display Manager Mode under UNIX

Paper 252-24: Ahsan Ullah
Customize Your Web Output Using SAS/IntrNet Software and W eb Publishing Tools

Paper 253-24: Priscilla E. Van Grevenhof, Judith L. Wagner, James M. Naessens, Jill M. Killian, Roger W. Evans, and Eva R. Helgeson
Using SAS Software to Build a Data Warehouse of Standardized Medical Costs and Patient Utilization for Health Services Research

Paper 254-24: Brian K. Varney
Creating Data Driven Programs with the Macro Language

Paper 255-24: James Yang
A Windowed Application for Efficient Access to Data Warehouse DB2 Data with PROC SQL Pass-Through Facility and Macros

Paper 256-24: Dingyi Zhao and Nancy Anderson
Poisson Regression Adjustment of Event Rates and Its Macro Procedure ADJ_POIS

Paper 257-24: Gregg Weldon
Inferring Behavior on Rejected Credit Applicants-Three Approaches

Paper 258-24: Sam Harris
Integrating Market and Credit Risks with SAS Institute's Risk Dimensions Software

Paper 259-24: C. Olivia Rud
Data Mining: An Overview of Methods and Techniques for Increasing Profits in Direct Marketing

Paper 260-24: John Brocklebank, Michael Leonard, and Taiyeong Lee
Forecasting Cross-Sectional Time Series: A Data Mining Approach Using Enterprise Miner Software

Paper 261-24: Shiao-ping Lu
Use of Enterprise Miner and Multivariate Statistical Analysis to Build Fraud-Detection Models

Paper 262-24: Maribeth H. Johnson
The Effect of Missing Data on Repeated Measures Models

Paper 263-24: Kuolung Hu, David Mckinzie, and Karen Nowak
Simplification on Learning Model by Using PROC GENMOD

Paper 264-24: Peter H. Westfall and Randall D. Tobias
Advances in Multiple Comparisons and Multiple T ests Using the SAS System

Paper 265-24: Matthew J. Flynn
Modeling Event Count Data with PROC GENMOD and the SAS System

Paper 266-24: Daniel J. Sargent, Jayawant Mandrekar, Paul J. Novotny, and Jeff A. Sloan
A General Gibbs Sampling Algorithm for Analyzing Linear Models Using the SAS System

Paper 267-24: Jon M. Lindenauer
Using the Mixed Procedure to Analyze a Fractional Factorial Split-Plot Experiment

Paper 268-24: Maura Stokes
Recent Advances in Categorical Data Analysis

Paper 269-24: Sean W. Mulvenon and Ronna C. Turner
Using SAS to Conduct Pilot Studies: An Instructors Guide

Paper 270-24: Mark E. Thompson
The Science and Art of Market Segmentation Using PROC FASTCLUS

Paper 271-24: Jeffrey S. Butler
Simulation and Estimation of Fractionally Integrated Time Series

Paper 272-24: Joseph Retzer and Kurt Pflughoeft
Assessing Predictive Power and identifying Outliers in Covariance Structure Analysis Models

Paper 273-24: Robert Cohen
An Introduction to PROC LOESS for Local Regression

Paper 274-24: David A. Dickey
Statistical Graphics

Paper 277-24: James E. Dunn and Lynette Duncan
Stepwise Regressor Selection for Interdependence Analysis and Multivariate Multiple Regression

Paper 278-24: Laxman M. Hegde and Dayanand N. Naik
Canonical Correspondence Analysis in SAS Software

Paper 279-24: Kate Ricci
Geostatistics Using SAS Software

Paper 280-24: Honghu Liu and Ron D. Hays
Measurement of Interrater Agreement: A SAS/IML Macro Kappa Procedure for Handling Incomplete Data

Paper 281-24: David O. Olaleye
A SAS Module/Macro Program for Computing Statistical Power Curves for Detecting Treatment Effect

Paper 282-24: Rebecca Darden and Stuart D. Long
Crude Risk Assessment of Multi-level Exposures in Case-Control Studies

Paper 283-24: Stewart L. Fossceco and Nathan A. Curtis
Exploring Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) Data with the SAS Analyst Application

Paper 284-24: Jeff A. Sloan, Steven S. Cha, Judith L. Wagner, Cristine Allmer, Steven R. Alberts, and Jed Lindman
Analyzing Oncology Patient Health Care Costs Using the SAS System

Paper 285-24: Robert A. Vierkant, Terry M. Therneau, Jon L. Kosanke, and James M. Naessens
A SAS Macro to Analyze Data from a Matched or Finely Stratified Case-Control Design

Paper 286-24: Anthony C. Waclawski
Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average Models for Comparing Forecasted to Actual Values of CPU Workloads for Open Systems

Paper 287-24: Russell Wolfinger
Fitting Nonlinear Mixed Models with the New NLMIXED Procedure

Paper 288-24: Trevor Kearney
Advances in Mathematical Programming and Optimization in the SAS System

Paper 289-24: Paul Johnson and Frances Cohen
Simple Estimates and Bootstrap Confidence Intervals about the Estimated Mean of the L ytic Unit at 20% Cytotoxicity

Paper 290-24: Keith F. Olsen and James T. West
SAS Software and the Performance Effect of Parallel Architectures

Paper 291-24: Daniel M. Sargent Scalable
Performance Data Server 2.1: T uning and Performance

Paper 292-24: Gary Mehler
Taking Advantage of the SAS System on the Windows Platform

Paper 293-24: S. David Riba
More Windows to the Outside World: Configuring and Using ODBC in V ersion 7 of the SAS System

Paper 294-24: Gail Kramer, Carol Rigsbee, John Toebes, and Jeff Polzin
Enterprise Client Software for the Windows Platform

Paper 296-24: Jennifer Price
An Update on SAS Software and ODBC

Paper 297-24: Heather M. McDowell and LeRoy Bessler
Untangling and Reformatting NT PerfMon Data to Load a UNIX SAS Database with a Software-Intelligent Data-Adaptive Application

Paper 298-24: Terry Lewis and Dan Squillace
Obtaining Response-Time and Service Level Information About Your SAS System Applications

Paper 299-24: Jennifer Clegg and Gary Mehler
The Nashville Release of the SAS System for Windows

Paper 300-24: Curtis A. Smith
Data Libraries on Tape

Paper 301-24: Bruce R. McClinton
Implementing SAS IT Charge Manager at the State of Wisconsin

Paper 302-24: Michael A. Raithel
Optimizing the Processing of VSAM Data Sets with the SAS System

Paper 303-24: Fred Forst
Get Hiper About Hiperspaces

Paper 304-24: Philip R. Holland
Outta Space with SAS Software?

Paper 305-24: Judy Loren
Ways of Learning: What the Trainer and the Student Need to Know about Learning Styles

Paper 306-24: Sarah S. Ragland
Using SPAM for Project Estimation in SAS Application Development

Paper 307-24: Neil Howard
Interviewing and Assessing SAS Programmers

Paper 308-24: Mike Kalt and Rick Langston
Year 2000 Issues for SAS Users

Paper 309-24: Gregory S. Barnes Nelson and Jodi Barnes Nelson
SAS Skills for the Next Millennium: A Geek Peek into the Future

Paper 310-24: Dana Rafiee
SAS Certification-A Panel Discussion of Pros and Cons

Paper 311-24: Steve Beatrous and James Holman
Version 6 and Version 7: A Peaceful Co-Existence

Paper 312-24: Susan J. Slaughter and Lora D. Delwiche
An Everyday Guide to Version 7 of the SAS System

Paper 313-24: Michael L. Davis
Publishing User Documentation: PDF or HTML?

Paper 314-24: Charles Patridge

Paper 315-24: JoAnn Matthews
Creating a Home Page on the WWW for Your Local User Group An Unlimited Resource for Local User Group Recruitment Strategies

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