SAS Global Forum Proceedings / SUGI 23 1998

Paper 001-23: Annie Guo
    Efficient Cross Database Data Transaction Processing Between SAS Software and Oracle using SAS

Paper 002-23: Jeff Lessenberry
    Manipulation of Hierarchy T ables in SAS/EIS Applications

Paper 003-23: Zhuan (John) Xu
    Using SAS as an Automation Server in Windows Application Development

Paper 004-23: Krista A. Elspas and Julie Shadoan
    Army Hearing Evaluation Automated Registry System (HEARS) Corporate Data Reporting System — A Customized EIS Solution

Paper 005-23: LeRoy Bessler Strong
    Smart Systems: Use Software Intelligence to Build Reliable, Reusable, Extendable, and Maintainable Applications

Paper 006-23: Ron Coleman
    The Building Blocks of PROC T ABULATE

Paper 007-23: Ronald Fehd
    DEMOXRPT: Macros for Writing Exception Reports; Perform Range and Logic Checks on a Data Set; Write File of Exceptions to Edit and Use for Updates

Paper 009-23: Naoko S. Stearns and John R. Gerlach
    A Comprehensive Codebook Generator

Paper 010-23: Lisa Ann Horwitz
    Harnessing the Power of SCL Lists

Paper 011-23: Derek Morgan and Mike Province
    A Bag of FSEDIT Tricks

Paper 012-23: Christopher A. Roper and Gina M. Thomas
    Cataloger: An Application Development Tool to View, Compare, and Document SAS Catalogs and Data Files

Paper 013-23: Thomas E. Link and Art Alexander
    Pushing SAS/AF and FRAME Entries in MVS to the Limit: The USEPA's AIRS Graphics System

Paper 014-23: Kevin T. Brown
    The Mediator Pattern Can Organize an Object-Oriented Application

Paper 015-23: Andrew Lawton, Helen Dewberry, and Michael Pearce
    Producing Structured Clinical Trial Reports Using SAS: A Company Solution

Paper 016-23: Jack E. Fuller
    Using Design Patterns to Implement Object-Oriented Menus in a SAS/AF Application

Paper 017-23: Andrew Ratcliffe
    Two Application Infrastructure Tools (Automated Email and Non-Volatile Locks

Paper 018-23: Ray Pass
    And All with the Push of a Button!

Paper 019-23: William Heffner
    DATA Step in Version 7: What's New?

Paper 021-23: William Heffner
    ODS: The DATA Step Knows

Paper 023-23: James P. Young, Jr.
    User-Friendly Toolbox for Batch Processing within a UNIX Interactive Display Manager Session

Paper 024-23: Alan T. Pasquino and Don J. Fish
    Evaluating the Migration of a SAS Application from a VAX to a PC-based NT Network

Paper 025-23: Tracy A. Cermack and Kimberly J. LeBouton
    The Realities of Downsizing Part II: Moving a SAS Application from MVS to UNIX

Paper 026-23: Craig Ray
    Establishing Production and Development Environments for Base SAS Software Development

Paper 027-25: Deborah A. Testa and Russell Holmes
     SynCoder: A SAS/AF V7/8 Application for Implementing MedDRA Coding in Clinical Trials

Paper 028-23: Barry R. Cohen

   Supporting the "Program-Analyze-Write-Review" Process with a Development Environment for Base SAS and the Macro Language

Paper 029-23: James Glidden
    Secret Menu T ricks: Using Lists to Manipulate Objects

Paper 030-23: Daniel J. Obermiller
    Programming and Other Features of the JMP Calculator

Paper 031-23: Judy Loren and Gregory S. Barnes Nelson
    SQL Step by Step: An Advanced T utorial for Business Users

Paper 032-23: Marge Scerbo and Alan Wilson
    Tables and V iews and Forms: Oh My!

Paper 033-23: Michael L. Davis
    SCL for the Rest of Us: Nonvisual Uses of Screen Control Language

Paper 034-23: Carl R. Haske
    Application Development in SAS/AF Software Using Class Libraries

Paper 035-23:Thomas J. Winn, Jr.
    Intermediate PROC SQL

Paper 036-23:Thomas Miron
    Getting Started with SAS/AF Frame Subclasses

Paper 037-23:S. David Riba
    Web Enabling Existing SAS Applications

Paper 038-23:Caroline C. Bahler, Sally Muller, David Doolittle, and Arturo Barrios
    SAS and HTML — HTML Publishing Using SAS

Paper 039-23:Andrew A. Norton
    SAS Software and Java for Interactive Graphics

Paper 041-23:Kirk Paul Lafler
    Querying the Data W arehouse with the SQL Procedure SELECT Statement

Paper 042-23:Dana Rafiee
    Understanding the SAS/MDDB Server to Process Large Files

Paper 043-23:David Mintz and Nicole G. Mintz
    Macros = Magic; Where Number of Graphics = Many; Customizing Your Graphics Code with Macros

Paper 044-23:Chris Yindra
    %SYSFUNC - The Brave New Macro World

Paper 045-23:Andrew T. Kuligowski
    You Can RUN; But Your Data Cannot Hide: Advanced Methods to Introduce External Data into the SAS System

Paper 046-23:Aileen L. Yam
    On Data Transfer

Paper 047-23:Malachy J. Foley
    MATCH-MERGIN G : 20 Some T raps and How to Avoid Them

Paper 049-23: Arthur L. Carpenter
    Advanced Macro T opics: Utilities and Examples

Paper 050-23: JoAnn Matthews
    The SET Statement and Beyond: Uses and Abuses of the SET Statement

Paper 051-23: Andrew T. Kuligowski and Nancy Roberts
    Basic Methods to Introduce External Data into the SAS System

Paper 052-23: Bruce F. Gilsen
    SAS Program Efficiency for Beginners

Paper 053-23: Steven First
    SAS Macros V ariables and Simple Macro Programs

Paper 054-23: Peter Ruzsa
    Exporting Graphics to Other Applications: Which Method Should I Use?

Paper 055-23: Donna Torrence and Juli Staub Perry
    Exploiting Key Answers from Your Data Warehouse using SAS Enterprise Reporter Software

Paper 056-23: J. Meimei Ma and Sandra Schlotzhauer
    Tips and T echniques for Moving between Operating Environments

Paper 057-23: Andrew H. Karp
    Working with SAS Date and Time Functions

Paper 058-23: Robert M. Hamer and Pippa M. Simpson
    An Introduction to the Analysis of Repeated Measures for Continuous Response Data using PROC GLM and PROC MIXED

Paper 059-23: David A. Dickey
    Regression with T ime Series Errors

Paper 060-23: John Brocklebank and Mark Brown
    Finding the Solution to Data Mining: A Map of the Features and Components of SAS Enterprise Miner Software

Paper 061-23: Ronald Cody
    The INPUT Statement: Where It's @

Paper 062-23: Rosalind K. Gusinow and J. Michael Miscisin
    An Introduction to PROC SQL

Paper 063-23: Laurie Rose
    Strategic Use of the SAS System in Banking

Paper 064-23: John C. Gober
    Understanding Indexed Datasets and Using Direct Access Queries

Paper 065-23: Terry J. Fain and Cyndie Gareleck
    An Introduction to SAS/FSP Software

Paper 066-23: Warren E. Stinson
    Dynamically Build a PROC FORM A T for Subsetting Large Datasets

Paper 067-23: Erika Liu
    Advanced T echniques for Creating Format with Variable Values

Paper 068-23: Nancy Patton

Paper 069-23: Ronald Cody

Paper 070-23: John R. Gerlach
    Creating Numeric Formats Based on Precision, Not Magnitude

Paper 071-23: Janet Stuelpner and Boris Krol
    It's Only Temporary

Paper 072-23: Paul Grant
    Simplifying Complex Character Comparisons by Using the IN Operator and the Colon (:) Operator Modifier

Paper 073-23: Arthur L. Carpenter
    Deciphering the _TYPE_ Variable in MEANS and SUMMARY Output Data Sets

Paper 074-23: Jiyuan Wu
    Generating Customized Reports Using the INPUT Statements

Paper 075-23: Arthur L. Carpenter
    Better Titles: Using The #BY V AR and #BY V AL Options

Paper 076-23: Paul Grant
    The 'SKIP' Statement

Paper 077-23: Ray Pass
    What We Really Need is a %By Statement

Paper 078-23: Karen Dudley
    Creating a Flexible Parameter Driven Reporting Program Using Global Variables

Paper 079-23: Pei-Chun T. Wan
    Automatic Referencing SAS Macro Variables Using Array Processing, CALL SYMPUT Routine and DO Loops

Paper 080-23: Jeff F. Sun
    Update A T wo-Dimensional Matrix Using The Macro Facility

Paper 081-23: Robert Graebner
    Generating SAS Source Code with SAS Macros

Paper 082-23: Mel Widawski
    A General Purpose Macro to Obtain a List of Files: Plus Macro Programming T echniques

Paper 083-23: K. Larry Landers and Monique Bryher
    T aking the Mystery out of SAS Macro When Using CALL SYMPUT

Paper 084-23: Demetris Papaiacovou
    Successful Data Warehousing for Telecommunications Business Solutions (The Philos Method)

Paper 085-23: Marge Scerbo
    The ABCs of MDDBs

Paper 086-23: Maria Lupetin
    A Data W arehouse Implementation Using the Star Schema

Paper 087-23: Kim Foster
    Enterprise Data Management — W arehouse Integration Solutions

Paper 088-23: James A. Cox and Tonya L. Etchison
    Mining the Data Mart: A Case Study with Stock Market Data

Paper 089-23: Tony R. Brown
    Data W arehouse E f ficiency T echniques with the SAS System

Paper 090-23: Akbar Golmirzaie
    Data Warehouse: How to Use SAS from Beginning to Almost Ending for Y our W arehouse

Paper 091-23: Roger E. Sanders
    Accessing Data from Your PC Using Version 7 of the SAS System, Presented by Michael Ho, SAS Institute Inc.

Paper 092-23: Anthony M. Dymond
    Data Extraction Methods in Medium and Large Databases

Paper 093-23: Clare Somerville and Clive Cooper
    Optimizing SAS Access to an Oracle Database in a Large Data Warehouse

Paper 094-23: William J. Glosenmeyer
    Enhanced Data Support Methodology (EDSM): Using Technology for Competitive Advantage for Managed Health Care

Paper 095-23: Martin J. Rosenberg
    Using the Data Warehouse Model to Streamline and Accelerate New Drug and Medical Device Development

Paper 096-23: Monique Bryher
    Monitoring a Cohort of Blood Donors and Recipients Using SAS/AF Frame

Paper 097-23: Christine C. Kelly and Michael B. Smart
    Dun & Bradstreet: Using SAS Software to Solve Customer Purchasing Problems

Paper 098-23: John E. Bentley
    A Data Access Challenge: Build a SAS Frame Application for Access to an Informix Data W arehouse

Paper 099-23: Eric Simms and Jerry Kagan
    T aking an HTML Snapshot of a Data W arehouse: Just Sa y , Cheese!

Paper 100-23: Jim Davis
    Data W arehousing and the W eb

Paper 101-23: Charles W. Bininger
    A Guide to Managing a SAS Data W arehouse for Use Across an Intranet

Paper 102-23: Art Rerecich
    W -O- W : Data W arehouse, SAS/OR and the W eb

Paper 104-23: Peter R. Welbrock
    Is Your Data Warehouse Successful? Developing a Data Warehouse Process That Responds to the Needs of the Enterprise

Paper 105-23: Di Meng and Charlie Bastnagel
    Building Your Own SAS Data Warehouse and Developing a Tool Set for Managing It

Paper 106-23: Cathy Phipps and Jim Davis
    E f fective Use and Management of Metadata

Paper 107-23: Glen Payne
    Does a Data W arehouse Deliver the Goods?

Paper 108-23: Roger Williams
    Using SAS/CONNECT to Control a Distributed Application

Paper 109-23: John T. Stokes and Roger Thompson
    Building the Framework for Enterprise Data Analysis in the Semiconductor Industry

Paper 110-23: Terry L. Lewis
    Enhancements to SAS/ W arehouse Administrator

Paper 111-23: Mel Widawski
    A Flexible System for Conversion of DBF T ables into SAS

Paper 112-23: Vino Gona and Jana Van Wyk
    V ersion 7 Enhancements to SAS/ACCESS Software

Paper 113-23: Sharon Kromhout-Schiro, Rose M. Reedy, Rob Lenderman, James Zadinsky, and Vicki Harp
    Clinical Warehouse Enhancement: A Methodology for Linking Heterogeneous Databases

Paper 114-23: Ding Alonzo and Albert Alva
    Developing Risk-Adjustment Models Using SAS Software: An Application in Home Health Care

Paper 115-23: Carol Rigsbee
    The Future Interface to the SAS System for PCs — A First Glance SUGI

Paper 116-23: Hans Hulpiau
    Unlocking the SAP/R3 System using SAS/ACCESS to SAP/R3: A Practical Experience

Paper 117-23: Kimberly J. LeBouton
    Implementing SAS Business Solutions: Experiences of a T raditional SAS Programmer

Paper 118-23: Jan J. M. Roording and Steven F. M. J. van Agt
    Data W arehouse Administration: An Urgent Need for T echnology to Emerge!

Paper 119-23: Jeff F. Sun
    A Revolution? Development of Dynamic and Hypertext Linked Reports with Internet T echnologies and SAS System

Paper 120-23: Vincent L. Timbers
    SAS/AF FRAME Entries: A Hands-on Introduction

Paper 121-23: Deb Cassidy
    Introduction to the Basics - A voiding Some Pitfalls

Paper 122-23: Ray Pass and Daphne Ewing
    So Y ou're Still Not Using PROC REPO R T . Why Not?

Paper 123-23: Daphne Ewing and Ray Pass
    So Now Y ou're Using PROC REPO R T . Is It Pretty?

Paper 124-23: Mickey Waxman and Larry Hoyle
    A Hands-on Introduction to Creating Dynamic W eb Pages

Paper 126-23: Jennifer Clegg and Gary J. Mehler
    The SAS System under W indows, V ersion 7

Paper 127-23: Sunil K. Gupta, Kirk Paul Lafler, and Charles E. Shipp
    Preparing SAS Software Applications for the Y ear 2000

Paper 128-23: Linda P. Atkinson
    An Introduction to SAS/ASSIST Software

Paper 130-23: Rosalind K. Gusinow and J. Michael Miscisin
    An Introduction to PROC SQL

Paper 131-23: Kirk Paul Lafler
    T en Great Reasons to Learn SAS Software's SQL Procedure

Paper 132-23: Steven First
    SAS Macros V ariables and Simple Macro Programs

Paper 133-23: Sally Muller, Caroline C. Bahler, Dave Doolittle, and Arturo Barrios
    SAS and W eb Publishing — W isdom for the W eb Challenged

Paper 136-23: Jason Thomas
    Developing W eb Applications with htmSQL

Paper 137-23: C. Olivia Rud
    Statistical Presentations Using the Power of PROCTABULATE

Paper 138-23: Dave DesJardins
    A Revolution in Data Analysis: How New, Very Powerful, Easy to Use, Graphical Data Analysis Tools and Techniques Can Empower Even Novice Subject Matter Specialists

Paper 139-23: Himesh Patel
    Using SAS/GRAPH Software to Create Graphs on the W eb

Paper 140-23: Paul Wehr
    Building Clinical Information Spaces on the W orld W ide W eb

Paper 141-23: Terry Allen and Glen Buckner
    Visually Detecting Fraudulent Doctors in the Medicaid Program Using SAS/GRAPH Software

Paper 142-23: Joel J. Gruenke
    Individual Summaries: Bigger Needles in Smaller Haystacks

Paper 143-23: Jeanne Spicer
    Delivering Geographic Information: For Those Who Can't Read a GMAP and W on't Stop to Ask for Directions

Paper 144-23: LeRoy Bessler
    Chart Smart: Design Graphs to Inform and Influence

Paper 145-23: Sanjay N. Matange, James Beamon, and Cynthia L. Huffman
    Multidimensional Data V isualization T ools

Paper 146-23: Robert Vierkant
    Creating Scatterplot Matrices using SAS/GRAPH Software

Paper 147-23: Jeff F. Sun
    A Generalized Macro-Based Data Reporting System to Produce Both HTML and T ext Files

Paper 148-23: Edward Tasch and Stacy Buffington
    Becoming " W eb Enabled" with SAS/IntrNet Software

Paper 149-23: Steve Noga and Jeff Abolafia
    The T ABUL A TE Procedure: One Step Beyond the Final Chapter

Paper 150-23: Susan J. Kenny
    How Not to Hate Annotate

Paper 152-23: James E. Duarte
    How SAS Has Impacted History or A 25 Y ear A f fair with the Semicolon

Paper 153-23: David A. Dorr and Mae Gordon
    Graphically Conquering the SF-36: A Tool for Illustrating Subscale by Group Over T ime Using SAS/GRAPH Software

Paper 154-23: Donald J. Henderson
    SAS/IntrNet Software: A Road Map

Paper 156-23: Barbara Walters and Don Chapman
    Overview of Java Components and Applets in SAS/IntrNet Software

Paper 157-23: Di Meng
    Open the Information W indow of Your SAS Data Warehouse: A W EB Information Center Powered by SAS

Paper 158-23: Arline Loh and Sheila Hobeck
    Working T oward a Paperless Office Web Migration of SAS Reports

Paper 159-23: Chip Kelly
    Java for Competitive Advantage

Paper 160-23: James Sun
    Update HTML Formatted SAS Output within W eb Browser

Paper 161-23: Paul J. Ratnaraj
    Managing Large Financial Data with the SAS System and the WEB: The Sequel

Paper 162-23: Steven L. Willhoite, John P. Campbell, and George Orr
    Three W ays to Utilize the SAS/IntrNet Application Dispatcher

Paper 164-23: Lingxiao Li and Art Barnes
    Data V isualization Using Java and VRML

Paper 165-23: Faith Reneé Sloan
    SAS/IntrNet Software: JConnect and Jtunnel Dance with SAS/CONNECT Software

Paper 166-23: Vecdet Mehmet-Ali
    A Dynamic Web Application: Using SAS/IntrNet and W eb Publishing Software

Paper 168-23: Kimberly S. Blair
    Using Macros to Produce Multiple T ime Series Graphs

Paper 169-23: Baibai Chen and Cynthia A. Kleeberger
    SAS Macro to Determine Rates of Change in Markers of HI V -1 Disease Progression

Paper 170-23: Ronald Fehd
    %COMPARWS: Compare with Summary: A Macro Using PROC COMPARE to W rite a File of Di f ferences to Edit and Use for Updates

Paper 171-23: Christopher A. Roper, Michael Gilman, and Gina Thomas
    A Methodology for Developing SAS Applications for Use in Multiple Languages

Paper 172-23: Hugh Geary
    Enhancing SAS Output T ables with W ordPerfect

Paper 173-23: Annie Guo
    An Investigation of the Efficiency of SQL DML Operations Performed on an O RACLE DBMS using SAS/ACCESS Software

Paper 174-23: Louise S. Hadden and Jim McIntosh
    All Zipped Up and Nowhere to Go

Paper 175-23: Cecil Hallum and Melinda Miller
    A GUI for Enhanced Insight into Data in a University Setting: SAS/EIS and SAS/AF Frame to the Rescue

Paper 176-23: Paul Johnson
    Improving the Rainbow Test: A Macro to Measure the Lack of Fit in Multiple Regression with the Use of the Bootstrap

Paper 177-23: Francis J. Kelley
    A Macro to Generate All Combinations of n Items Taken k at a Time (How It Was Designed and Written, and How It Might Be Adapted to Other Uses: A Programming Example)

Paper 178-23: Connie X. Li and James Sun
    Using Hyperlink to Organize SAS HTML Output

Paper 179-23: Dayong Li and Huanhong Xia
    Convex Hull T est for Ordinal Categorical Data Using the SAS System

Paper 180-23: Chondra M. Lockwood and David P. MacKinnon
    Bootstrapping the Standard Error of the Mediated E f fect

Paper 181-23: Sheng Luo and Xinsheng Lin
    Further Discussion of Summarizing Impossibly Large SAS Data Sets

Paper 182-23: Heidi Markovitz
    Are Y ou a Commander or a Mouser?

Paper 183-23: Sean W. Mulvenon and M. Austin
    Betz Using SAS for Statistical Modeling: Monte Carlo Simulations

Paper 184-23: Julie W. Pepe
    PROC T ABUL A TE using a Categorical and Numerical V ariable

Paper 185-23: Jamie Perrett
    Macros & Matrices: Using the IML Procedure to Access T abular Information

Paper 186-23: Amy Roehrig
    Rapid Application Development of a Decision Support System Using Object Oriented Programming

Paper 187-23: Jonathan Stokes
    Using Java to Front SAS Software: A Detailed Design for Internet Information Delivery

Paper 188-23: Helen-Jean Talbott and Earl Westerlund
    How to Sort Production Reports Prior to Printing

Paper 189-23: David Trenery
    Taking the Drudgery Out of Data Checking: Automatic Data Validation Using FORMATS to Validate Data, PROC DATASETS to Drive the Process and MACROS to Hang It All T ogether

Paper 190-23: Lisa P. Wayte
    PROC T ABUL A TE: A T ool for Evaluating Performance

Paper 192-23: John Q. Zhang
    A SAS Macro that Creates Numeric Decimal Formats

Paper 194-23: LeRoy Bessler
    Smart Color for Powerful V isual Communication in Y our Applications


Paper 205-23: Honghu Liu
    Robust Standard Error Estimate for Cluster Sampling Data: A SAS/IML Macro Procedure for Logistic Regression with Huberization

Paper 196-23: John E. Ellis
    The T ask Output Framework: An Object Oriented T ool for Application Development

Paper 197-23: James Handsfield
    CHEKOU T : A SAS Program to Screen for Outliers

Paper 198-23: Timothy J. Harrington
    The SAS Multidimensional Database Procedure

Paper 199-23: Lauren Haworth and Njeri Karanja
    Proving it Works: Using PROC COMPARE to Verify an Analysis Converted into SAS Software

Paper 200-23: Anne Horney and Gail F. Kirk
    One Bar Chart, T wo V ariables, Three Axes

Paper 201-23: Tom Hotard, Paul Johnson, and Tsai M. Lin
    T ailoring Hard Copy Publications for the Internet

Paper 202-23: Tom Hotard
    Mailing Labels in Minutes Using the SAS URL Access Method

Paper 203-23: Gail F. Kirk and Anne Horney
    Exploring Multi-dimensional Relationships with SAS/GRAPH Software

Paper 204-23: Michael L. Lieber and Cindy Ashley
    A SAS Macro Implementing an Extension of McNemar's T est for Clustered Data

Paper 205-23: Honghu Liu
    Robust Standard Error Estimate for Cluster Sampling Data: A SAS/IML Macro Procedure for Logistic Regression with Huberization

Paper 206-23: Tracy L. Lord and Robert C. Pratt
    Retrievals from DB2 BLOB (Binary Large Objects) Data W arehouse Using SAS

Paper 207-23: Sean W. Mulvenon and M. Austin
    Betz Using a SAS Macro to Create Unique Statistical Output

Paper 208-23: William C. Murphy
    Creating and Maintaining a Central SAS Library for Health Care Management

Paper 209-23: Judy Palermo
    Purge Those MERGE Problems: Realistic Solutions for Accurate and More Complete Matching of Inexact Data Fields that Occur in the Everyday W orld

Paper 210-23: James Ryan
    Analysis of the National Endowment of the Arts Using SAS/S T A T Software

Paper 211-23: Barbara Schneider
    PROC UNIVARIATE and PROC TABULATE — A Powerful Duo to Produce Descriptive T ables Including Non-parametric Estimates

Paper 212-23: Pippa M. Simpson, Merlin Hamre, H. Spencer, and Y. Ravindranath
    Using JMP Software to Get a Jump on Childhood Leukemia by Modeling Assay Data

Paper 213-23: Michelle L. Smith
    Using SAS/IntrNet and the WWW to Develop an Executive Information System-University Application

Paper 214-23: Stephen B. Taubman
    Moving Data Between SAS and FAME

Paper 215-23: Kyle E. Thomas, Art Alexander, and Aamer Raza
    An Interactive Graphical Interface for Hierarchical Classification of Data Generated through Individual Particle Analysis

Paper 216-23: Shi-Tao Yeh
    SAS Software G3D Animation and Graphic V iewer System

Paper 218-23: Pamela J. Atherton
    Skaff and Jeff A. Sloan Design and Analysis of Equivalence Clinical T rials V ia the SAS System

Paper 219-23: Donna O. Fulenwider, Randall D. Tobias, and Robert N. Rodriguez
    SAS System T ools for Design and Analysis of Experiments

Paper 220-23: Richard Severino
    How to Use SAS Software to Evaluate Screening Tests Using Predictive Values in Conjunction with ROC Curves

Paper 221-23: Pippa M. Simpson, Prudence R. Phillips, Shelly Lensing, and Robert M. Hamer
    Reliably Assessing Reliability with SAS Software

Paper 222-23: Ernest S. Shtatland and Mary B. Barton
    An Information-Gain Measure of Fit in PROC LOGISTIC

Paper 223-23: Robert M. Hamer and Pippa M. Simpson
    Assessing Dose-Response Information in Phase III Clinical Trials or . . . Why Y ou Shouldn't Believe the Dosing Information on the Label

Paper 224-23: Sudhanshu K. Ghoshal
    Multivariable Cox Proportional Hazard Model by SAS PHREG & Validation by Bootstrapping Using SAS Randomizers W ith Applications Involving Electrocardiology and Organ T ransplants

Paper 225-23: Jeff A. Sloan, Paul J. Novotny, and Charles L. Loprinzi
    Analyzing Quality of Life (QOL) Endpoints in Clinical T rials via the SAS System

Paper 226-23: Bharat K. Thakkar, Kwan Hur, William G. Henderson, and Charles Oprian
    A Method to Generate Kaplan-Meier and Adjusted Survival Curves Using SAS

Paper 227-23: Richard M. Mitchell
    Reporting Results of Multiple Logistic Regression Models Depending on the A vailability of Data

Paper 228-23: Peter Gaccione and M.S. Blanchard
    Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models, a Tool for Analyzing Repeated Measurements: A Brief T utorial Using SAS Software

Paper 229-23: S. Paul Wright
     Nonlinear Mixed Effects Models, a Tool for Analyzing Repeated Measurements: A Brief T utorial Using SAS Software

Paper 230-23: Arnold M. Saxton
     A Macro for Converting Mean Separation Output to Letter Groupings in PROC MIXED

Paper 231-23: Maribeth Johnson and Pete Davis
     The E f fect of Missing Data on Sample Sizes for Repeated Measures Models

Paper 232-23: Part I: Maura E. Stokes and Robert N. Rodriguez
     Recent Enhancements and New Directions in SAS/S T A T Software, Part I: Updates

Paper 232-23: Part II: Robert N. Rodriguez and Maura E. Stokes
     Recent Enhancements and New Directions in SAS/STAT Software, Part II: Nonparametric Modeling Procedures

Paper 233-23: Chris R. Olinger and Randall D. Tobias
     ODS for Data Analysis: Output As- Y ou-Like-It in V ersion 7

Paper 235-23: Jun Zuo
     Examining Cointegration Among Time-Series Variables: Household Savings Pattern in the U.S. (1981–1995)

Paper 236-23: Gregory L. Pearce and Peter H. Westfall
     Resampling with PROC MULTTEST: Providing Tools for Cardiac Surgeons to Identify Clinical Practice Improvement Opportunities

Paper 237-23: Jose G. Ramirez, Brenda S. Cantell, and Randall Collica
     Statistical Process Monitoring of Correlated Binary and Count Data Using Mixture Distributions

Paper 238-23: Chikuma Hamada and Junji Kishimoto
     Application of Maximum Contrast Method to Biomedical Data Using MU L TTEST

Paper 239-23: Marc-david Cohen, Hong Chen, Yang Yuan, and Fredrick Wicklin
     New Features in SAS/INSIGHT for V ersion 7

Paper 240-23: Jose A. Santos, Lawrence Lippke, and Paul Pope
     PROC F AC T OR: A T ool for Extracting Hidden Gems from a Mountain of V ariables

Paper 241-23: Sam Harris
     SAS Risk Analysis Environment

Paper 242-23: Ralph G. O'Brien
     A T our of UnifyPow: A SAS Module/Macro for Sample-Size Analysis

Paper 243-23: Flavio Addolorato, Luigi Ferrari, Luigi Guastalla, and Luca Bodio
     Behind Marketing Data in Financial Industry

Paper 244-23: Pavel Brusilovskiy and Robert Hernandez
     Data Mining and Decision Support for Operational Problems Solutions in the Railroad Industry

Paper 245-23: Scott D. Grimshaw and Gilbert W. Fellingham
     Statistical Development Using SAS/ T OOLKIT Software

Paper 246-23: John G. Stiller and Donald R. Dalzell
     Hot-deck Imputation with SAS Arrays and Macros for Large Surveys

Paper 247-23: Anthony B. An and Donna L. Watts
     New SAS Procedures for Analysis of Sample Survey Data

Paper 248-23: Mark Nicolich and Gail Jorgensen
     Graphical Presentation of a Nonparametric Regression with Bootstrapped Confidence Intervals

Paper 249-23: Paul R. Coe
     A SAS Macro to Calculate Exact Confidence Intervals for the Difference of T wo Proportions

Paper 252-23: Robert M. Romero and Dale Hamilton
     The SAS System Powers W eb Measurement Solution at US W est

Paper 255-23: Lu Xu
     Improving SAS Performance by Improving I/O Throughput of SAS W ork Directory

Paper 256-23: Steve Beatrous and Billy Clifford
     Sometimes Y ou Get What Y ou W ant: SAS I/O Enhancements in V ersion 7

Paper 257-23: Michael A. Raithel
     Ferreting Out Y ear 2000 Compliance Problems with PROC SOURCE

Paper 258-23: Ray L. Ransom and Sharon Mosley-Hixon
     Client/Server Application Design Strategies for Small Development T eams

Paper 259-23: Gregory S. Barnes Nelson and Richard Swirski
     Choosing the Right Platform for SAS Client/Server Applications

Paper 260-23: Cheryl Garner
     New V7 Client/Server Capabilities to Solve and Secure Your Distributed Processing Needs

Paper 261-23: Paul Gilbert, Steven Light, and John Scott Grainger
     Migration of SAS from VMS to W indows N T : A Real Life Story

Paper 262-23: Geradette Furlow
     Installation Issues with the SAS System and Net W are 4

Paper 263-23: Holly Scholz
     The Dynamic Duo: SAS Software and Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) — Capable of Anything!

Paper 264-23: Jennifer Clegg and Gary J. Mehler
     The SAS System under W indows, V ersion 7

Paper 265-23: Gary J. Mehler
     T aking Advantage of the SAS System under W indows NT

Paper 266-23: Gary J. Mehler
     Integrating W indows Clients and the SAS System into the Enterprise

Paper 269-23: Bryan K. Beverly
     Ten Steps Toward Realizing Your SAS Software W ish List (How To Present Your T echnical Needs in a Business Framework)

Paper 270-23: Michael L. Davis and Charles S. Patridge
     Publish Paper Manuals No More!: An Introduction to Creating HTML Documentation

Paper 271-23: JoAnn R. Matthews
     Creating a Home Page on the WWW for Your Local User Group An Unlimited Resource for Local User Group Recruitment Strategies

Paper 272-23: Robin E. Way
     Care and Feeding of a Healthy SAS User Group

Paper 273-23: Peter Parker
     Creating an ADP Center of Excellence: A Miltonian Approach of Looking Through T wo Decades of “ V isible Darkness”

Paper 274-23: Dana Rafiee and Helen Quinn
     The Jobs and SAS Skills Used in the United States and Europe

Paper 275-23: Arthur L. Carpenter and Tony Payne
     Programming for Job Security Revisited: Even More Tips and Techniques to Maximize Y our Indispensability

Paper 276-23: Kimberly A. Foster
     Understanding Face Value — Giving Users What They Want . . . and Still Meeting Their Needs

Paper 277-23: Ginger Carey and Helen D. Carey
     Becoming a SAS Master

Paper 278-23: Russell Newhouse
     Getting the User Community Involved in Education and Information Sharing

Paper 279-23: John M. LaBore and Janette E. Thomas
     Leveraging Resources to Maximize SAS and JMP Support

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