SAS® 9.4 Support for Java Runtime Environments

SAS Foundation, the SAS middle tier, and certain SAS client applications require the use of a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). For all platforms other than z/OS, a private JRE is provided by SAS and installed by the SAS® Deployment Wizard for the exclusive use of SAS products. SAS offers support for this private JRE when used in conjunction with SAS software products under the same guidelines that govern support for all other SAS products. These guidelines are described on the SAS Technical Support Services and Policies page.

SAS will evaluate support for future revisions and patches and security fixes to the JRE as these become available. SAS will package and deliver these updates to SAS customers as necessary to address security issues and ensure that the functionality of SAS web applications is correct and complete.

Note regarding the support of Java SE 7: SAS will continue to use and support a Java 7 JRE for SAS 9.4 deployments and will continue to provide updates for critical security issues associated with the Java 7 JRE in accordance with our technical support and security policies. See SAS® Third-Party Software Requirements - Java 7 Updates for details. Updates to the SAS Private JRE are available from the Downloads application. The current release and any previous releases of Java 7 available from SAS are documented in SAS Note 56203.

For z/OS, a Java Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided in the SAS Software Depot for use during installation, maintenance, and application of hot fixes. Some features of SAS 9.4, such as SAS/GRAPH support for the javaimg device and the SAS REPORT procedure, require a Java SDK. Therefore for any use of Java SDK in production SAS software on z/OS, you must install an appropriate Service Refresh of IBM 31-bit SDK.

Platform Version Vendor Download Notes
z/OS 1.6.0 SR3 IBM
SAS recommends that you not use these Java versions and SR levels:
  • 1.6.0 SR14 and SR15
  • SR6 and SR7
  • 1.7.0 SR5 and SR6
  • 1.7.1 initial release
Java 1.6.0 SR16, SR8, 1.7.0 SR7, and 1.7.1 SR1 or higher incorporate the fix for CMVC IV54864, which is needed to invoke Java from SAS. Check SAS Note 51195 for more details.