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SAS® 9.4 Support for Java Development Kits

For all platforms other than z/OS, SAS 9.4 software does not require a Java Development Kit (JDK).

For z/OS, a Java Software Development Kit (SDK) is provided in the SAS Software Depot for use during installation, maintenance, and application of hot fixes. Some features of SAS 9.4, such as SAS/GRAPH support for the javaimg device and the SAS REPORT procedure, require a Java SDK. Therefore for any use of Java SDK in production SAS software on z/OS, you must install an appropriate Service Refresh of IBM 31-bit SDK.

Platform Version Vendor Download Notes
z/OS 1.6.0 SR3 IBM
Until further update, the Java version should be no higher than
  • 1.6.0 SR13
  • SR5FP2
  • 1.7.0 SR4FP2
Java 1.6.0 SR14, SR6 and 1.7.0 SR5 or higher are currently not supported for z/OS. Check SAS Note 51195 for more details.