The FMM Procedure

Special Mixtures

The FMM procedure enables you to fit several special mixture models. The Morel-Neerchal binomial cluster model (Morel and Nagaraj 1993; Morel and Neerchal 1997; Neerchal and Morel 1998) is a mixture of binomial distributions in which the success probabilities depend on the mixing probabilities. The multinomial cluster model is a generalization of the binomial cluster model. It is a mixture of multinomial distributions in which the outcome probability vector depends on the mixing probabilities.

Zero-inflated count models are obtained as two-component mixtures where one component is a classical count model—such as the Poisson or negative binomial model—and the other component is a distribution that is concentrated at zero. If the nondegenerate part of this special mixture is a zero-truncated model, the resulting two-component mixture is known as a hurdle model (Cameron and Trivedi 1998).