The GANTT Procedure

Example 8.5 Using the COMPRESS Option

In the previous example, PROC GANTT produced two pages of output since the chart would not fit on a single page. One way to ensure that the entire chart fits on a single page in graphics mode is to adjust the values of HPOS and VPOS accordingly. An easier way that is independent of the values of HPOS and VPOS is to specify the COMPRESS option in the CHART statement. Output 8.5.1 shows the result of adding the COMPRESS option to the CHART statement in Example 8.4. The PCOMPRESS option would have a similar effect but would also maintain the aspect ratio. Some other options that can be used to control the number of pages generated are the HPAGES= and VPAGES= options.

title h=2 'Gantt Example 5';
title2 h=1.5 'Using the COMPRESS Option';
* plot the schedule on one page;
proc gantt;
   chart target / dur=days cmile=cyan
                  ctext=blue caxis=cyan 
   id task;

Output 8.5.1: Using the COMPRESS Option

Using the COMPRESS Option