The GANTT Procedure

Computer Resource Requirements

There is no inherent limit on the size of the project that the GANTT procedure can accommodate. The number of activities in the Gantt chart is restricted only by the amount of memory available. Other memory-dependent factors are the type of Gantt chart required and the desired display mode.

Naturally, there needs to be a sufficient amount of core memory available in order to invoke and initialize the SAS System as well as to meet the memory requirements of the specific mode in which you invoke the procedure. For example, more memory is required when you use high-resolution graphics than when you use line-printer mode because the graphics sublibrary has to be loaded. The procedure attempts to store all the data in core memory. However, if there is insufficient core memory available for the entire project, the GANTT procedure resorts to using utility data sets and swaps between core memory and utility data sets as necessary.

The data storage requirement for the GANTT procedure is proportional to the number of activities in the project, and it depends on the number of schedule variables, the number of ID variables, and whether the Logic and Labeling options have been specified or not.